The Startup that is taking businesses to the NEXT LEVEL

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The Startup that is taking businesses to the NEXT LEVEL 🚀

My name is Kolindo Nika, I am the founder of CorteX Solutions. It all started in September, 2018, when a local Advertising Agency came and said: “I need a custom software to calculate the price for my clients.” In that time I was 16 years old, and had some basic skills on programming, but I said yes, I am going to do that, as I believed that I will be able to finish it, I was hungry for success and to start my own company (I am still hungry for success). I started to build it and after some weeks I finished and got my very first payment.

First Software

I started learning more and more everyday, luckily but also unfortunately I live in a small city: Shkodra, in Albania, located in the western part of the Balkan, Europe. I took this opportunity to have more clients and to scale up a little bit more, which I did. During that time I started thinking how to be different from others in Software Developing Industry, and I came with an idea to offer the possibility to implement Hot Technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT. As I said, unfortunately I live in a small city, and the market to develop this is very small. So I wanted to move the startup in other countries, so I scheduled meetings and achieved to hire affiliate freelance sales agents in: Milan (Italy), Manchester (UK), New York (USA).