The Supra Conscious State

Original article was published by Ilexa Yardley on Deep Learning on Medium

The Supra Conscious State

Learning how to interpret feedback (to your continual advantage)…


There is an uber-simple circle always present in Reality. Making it easy to interpret feedback (to your continual advantage). Since, pi, then is the only experiencer (also known as (perpetual) ‘observer’).

First of all, you have to embrace the notion, pure and simple, you cannot use ‘words’ or ‘numbers’ to tell you what you need to know.

Again, this is because an uber-simple circle has control. Which means words and numbers are supra ceded by the symbol, where the symbol is supra ceded by pi.


This means ‘pi’ is the (only) correct ‘symbol’ for Reality. And, especially all of the language (words, sentences, algorithms) humans use to inter-react with (interpret) Reality. This includes (and cancels out) everything in technology (media in general).


Therefore, whenever, and however, a human experiences Reality, the human is caught in an uber-simple feedback loop. Controlled and managed by ‘pi.’

Feedback Loop

That is, you say ‘yin,’ I am forced to say ‘yang.’ And that is all there is to it.

This is because yin and yang (ancient) is zero and one (modern). Where zero and one (figurative) is circumference and diameter (literal). Explaining why relationships, in general, are 50–50 great-horrible.

This means all of the ‘words’ in language, and all of the ‘numbers’ in mathematics, and all of the ‘algorithms’ in technology, can be cancelled out by what a human labels ‘negation.’


Where negation is an alternate word for duplication.


Where it is impossible to have both without either (either without both). Because it is impossible to have a circumference without a diameter. Meaning, the diagram takes you to a supra conscious state. Where any ‘identity’ is, more accurately called, ‘complementarity.’

Supra Conscious State

That is you are neither conscious or unconscious, unconscious or subconscious. You are, only and always, ‘pi.’

Where ‘pi’ gives no meaning to any of the words (or numbers, or algorithms) humans use to interact (experience) (describe) ‘Reality.’

Meaning, as everybody knows, there is no ‘Reality.’

Therefore, when ‘talking,’ or ‘listening,’ you are, actually experiencing ‘pi.’ Or, maybe, prettier, you are actually experiencing, the supra-conscious state.

Therefore, whatever you ‘say,’ and-or, whatever you ‘hear,’ is half-true. Always-true. Never-true. All at the same time.

This may make you want to build a tiny house in the forest. But beware of the forest. It is, also, experiencing (and ‘in’) a supra-conscious state. Which is what you will experience as you try to ward off ‘bugs.’ And all of the other predators in Nature.


This is because the Conservation of a Circle is the motivation, and the explanation, for everything in Nature. Supra ceding everything in physics, psychology, and philosophy. Technology and biology. Finance and history. Art and music.

So, to get ahead of this, read The Circular Theory. And then take a class to learn how to engage with, and maximize, the supra conscious state.

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This is all supra fluous. If you understand the theory, you will understand what I mean. If not, well, you can always take a class. And, then teach one (or many).


Conservation of the Circle is the core, and, therefore the only, dynamic (experience) in Nature. Exposing, and maximizing, the supra conscious state.

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