The Take Over of Planet Earth!

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The Take Over of Planet Earth!

A bold human took this photo! nelsonart via Envato/elements

Okay it’s fiction…

I was reading a fiction story where some aliens tried to take over planet earth. I know there’ve been many take over stories, but this one caught my eye…

Aliens infiltrated key people in power from presidents of countries to people in the world health organization. Along with their aliens pals in the media, the plan was to take over the world.

So the aliens used their bodily fluids and created a virus. A virus the world definitely does not have a vaccine for although the leaders assured everyone they would get a shot.

As panic of the virus spread across the world the people became enemies of each other and of the law. The shit hits the fan when the governments of the world bans fire arms.

Apparently that was the last straw for gun toting Americans, military enrollees and vets that saw the writing on the wall all banned together and took over the white house in Washington.

They rounded up all the heads of countries and health organizations and forced them to take a blood test. On live social media the blood test chambers appeared before the public.

As each potential alien was tested they all kept coming back negative and the mutiny military leaders were getting antsy as if maybe they made a mistake until the leader of the world health organization was tested.

Even before the test was completed the leader morphed into a eight foot lizard man alien and lashed out at the film cameramen. All was recorded live as the world froze in horror and panic.

The lizard man alien was shot with 100 bullets from the staff who were packing 3D printed automatic firearms. All hell broke loose as people and lizard people scattered in every direction.

But it was too late. The world saw with it’s own eyes that there’s a new race in town and that the world would never be the same.

The world found out that the virus was a hoax and was really the alien’s… basically…feces.

The world would be tested and the aliens rounded up and shot.

The story ends with a lizard human baby in a stroller.

Just sayin’