The tale of 2 friends: Customer and Self Appreciation

Original article was published by Shivangi Tripathi on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

The tale of 2 friends: Customer and Self Appreciation

How important it is to remind your customers, your importance in their life & thank them for their loyalty?
The answer: VERY!

Customers are the heartbeat of a brand. But, when that heartbeat begins to subside, it becomes certain that the brand will eventually flat-line & the customer base will start to die out.

Acknowledged as a universal truth, customer appreciation is an essential part of marketing. At the same time it is important for brands to ensure not to undervalue itself while thanking & appreciating the customers for their loyalty.

As a brand, you need to make your customers realize their reliance on your brand and make them feel that their life is incomplete without you.

How can you do that?
Well. Google did a great job.
One of the best, oldest and still ongoing example is ‘Year in Search’ by Google which began in 2009 as “Zeitgeist,” a written report of public’s most common Google searches over the last 12 months. In 2010, Google adapted it for a 3-minute video. Since then, it’s been a bold, yearly reminder of how much we rely on Google for information on almost everything.

To conclude, remind your customers how much you care that they care, but at the same time, make sure you maintain your stand in the process.