The Three ‘Supers’ that Rule Reality

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

The Three ‘Supers’ that Rule Reality

Superposition. Superconductivity. Superfluidity.

Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Three dynamics control reality:

Superposition: the action of placing one thing on or above another, especially so that they coincide.

Superposition (Zero and-or One)

Superconductivity: the property of zero electrical resistance in some substances at very low absolute temperatures.

Superconductivity (Zero and-or One)

Superfluidity: the property of flowing without friction or viscosity, as in liquid helium below about 2.18 kelvins.

Superfluidity (Zero and-or One)

This allows us to ‘unify’ all of the dynamics in (behavior of) ‘reality.’


Proving an uber-simple ‘circuit’ is the background state for Nature (also known, to humans, as ‘reality’).

Circuit (Zero and-or One)

Producing the key to quantum computing (all of the ‘quanta’ in Nature).

Qubit (Zero and-or One)

And, thus the core dynamic in (unifying feature of) Nature. (Deep learning in general).

Zero and One
Circumference and Diameter

Where, it is painfully ‘obvious,’ then, Conservation of the Circle is the only dynamic in Nature. (If ‘one,’ then ‘zero,’ because if ‘diameter, then circumference.’) Meaning ‘pi’ controls (what a human calls) ‘reality.’


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