The Top Areas for Machine Learning in 2020

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Practical Business Uses of Machine Learning

Computer vision

Computer vision is an interdisciplinary field of machine learning that teaches the machines to process, analyze, and recognize visual information.

The most common technologies used to build computer vision systems are artificial neural networks and deep learning. Other machine learning algorithms such as SVM, KNN, and Naive Bayes are also crucial in computer vision.

Computer vision is used for various tasks: object recognition, scene reconstruction, identification, image retrieval, motion analysis, and so on.

Face detection

Computer vision can be used for face recognition in security systems. A special program recognizes the faces of the employees and lets them inside the building. It can also automatically check their name in the attendance register. This solution is much more convenient than traditional keys and identity cards and much more secure since these objects can easily get lost or stolen.

ML face recognition technology is used to identify terrorists in the crowd among the visitors of airports, congress centers, and other events.

Handwriting recognition

Digitizing archives, exam papers, and documents by hand is a time-consuming and inaccurate process. Machine learning allows scanning and digitizing documents in minutes. This solution can be used in universities, exam centers, museums, police, and other organizations that have to work with handwritten documents.

Business applications of computer vision

  • FacePRO is a facial recognition system empowered with deep learning, created by Panasonic. FacePRO uses live or recorded video from Panasonic i-PRO cameras for face matching and performs notification and alerts.
  • Waymo is working on cars that can completely autonomously operate on highways and city roads. Their goal is to make driving safer and more accessible for more people. Waymo’s mission is to prevent crashes and injuries on the road caused by the human factor. You can learn more on their official website.