The Unfortunate Learning Moment

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The Unfortunate Learning Moment

How are you JLabs People doing in this challenging time? Still good to learn and go for extra miles? Awesome!

So, without further due, we just want to tell you about our unfortunate experience while coding, well in a bigger picture — while providing corporate training for a few Information System team members from the Central Bank of Indonesia. Our great and experienced instructors at first did not find any hassle in running the class. But somehow, in the last two days of training, our instructor’s electricity went out and we had to postpone the class for an hour to wait until the electricity came back to life again LoL.

In this digitalised and overly dependent on technology, electricity is like the blood that flows in our system. We definitely cannot live without electricity, especially the programmers who need a power source 24/7 & a stable internet connection for them to operate smoothly. You know, the tools for them are laptop, additional monitor, device, and internet, etc — without any of them, they cannot do anything.

However, the unfortunate learning moment gives us some solution to overcome the hassle easily. Practice makes it perfect. The solutions that we finally got from this are:

Source: @codehumor on Instagram
  1. ⌘ Cmd + S
    We cannot stress this enough. But, regularly save your work. If not, you need to do it all over again, which probably does not consume most of your time since you are the one who does it anyway. But, better to be smart and efficient, cause we do not want what this guy in the meme has experienced.
  2. Find a light

Means that you need to get up from your desk, and find the nearest coffee shop or any places that are conducive enough for you to resume your work again. Because waiting till the electricity comes back normally would be like depending on uncertainty. Better to think it thru and “putar otak” 😀

3. If number 1 and 2 didn’t work …
Well, just breath in and breathe out…….

Maybe if the data is completely lost, or simply your current changes are lost — just do it again. In the bright side, you will be more proficient at your work and be a better programmer or developer when you do things over and over again.

Besides actively saving your work, move to the conducive places, and putar otak. We also recommend all of you to keep burning the fire in you to always keep going, motivated, and also pay attention strictly to your personal sanitary! Do not forget to mask your nose and mouth & use face shield 🙂


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