This AR Tool Lets You Copy/Paste Real-life Objects

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This AR Tool Lets You Copy/Paste Real-life Objects

Ctrl C/Ctrl V? What’s that?

Image Courtesy: Yoni Heisler

What comes to mind when you hear the term “copy and paste”?

Probably the right click of your mouse, or, “ctrl c, ctrl v”.

But, age-old mechanisms like that insult our fast-changing futurized society.

What if the job no longer required your average keyboard or mouse? What if you could do it with the thing in your pocket?

No, not your wallet, not your keys, but your smartphone.

Well, thanks to creative coder Cyril Diagne, it’s soon possible.

On May 3rd, 2020, the Google artist posted a short video on twitter that had a smartphone using augmented reality to copy/paste real-life objects onto a Photoshop application.

The AR Cut and Paste program basically allows us to “cut” objects in our real-life environment, and then “paste” these objects into any editing software on our computer, like photoshop.

This revolutionary mechanism requires the convergence of two technologies, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

The AI tech is called BASNet, this allows your camera to identify the objects in a said scene, then copy and process the pixels to be “cut” from the scenery. This cut image then combines with OpenCV SIFT, which essentially syncs your phone and computer together — so the software knows what to “paste”.

What’s impressive is that the program only takes six seconds for the entire process. Two and a half seconds to detect and copy the object from the real world, and another four to process and deposit into the document.

Ain’t that something?

It’s still in the development phase, but, if you’re interested, the code is public domain, you can access it here.

Soon, we will see add-ons in Microsoft services, Adobe applications, games or other services that incorporate this feature.

Diagne has definitely made it easier to shop as well. Companies like IKEA, Leons, even retail stories will jump on this feature.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could copy and paste that blue couch into your living room instead of trying to eye-ball it in the middle of the store in front of the sales associate?