This is great development and a step in the right direction, Andrew.

This is great development and a step in the right direction, Andrew.

It is good to see that, unlike back in the late 1800s, when the world was going mad chasing and securing patents, that this time is is fortunately different.

It was not only the world of electricity but also world of vision — pictures and motion pictures, that was undergoing a huge transformation. Yet, it was not a great time for all entrepreneurs to live in. Barriers to entry were huge and chances of succeeding were extremely small.

Today, anyone from anywhere can start with AI. This is a huge difference from back then!

All you need is a computer and access to internet and you can change the world. World of education is also changing as MOOC (Online education) is becoming more mature filling the void which colleges and universities have not been able to fill.

So, the timing is not only right they almost seem auspicious.

Yet, a lot of work needs to be done to get there. We must focus on industrialization of our theories and get as fast as possible these new products and services to the market.

The problem & discussion of jobs is a huge monster we need to tame before it leaves our world troubled and confused. I am glad that at-least some folks in the industry not only acknowledge this but are committed to work on this.

I am working with Re:coded , a firm in Iraq founded by some dedicated folks , to give the world of Deep Learning and AI to anyone and everyone. I know Coursera, Google, Udacity too have partnered with them.

We will need more than just voluntary action to take this to become a reality.

Good luck and lets keep on marching…

Source: Deep Learning on Medium