Today’s Tech Started Way Back From Cartoons And Movies

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Today’s Tech Started Way Back From Cartoons And Movies

Photo From Incredibles 2

The world today is being bombarded by an avalanche of mind blowing technologies that were once featured in cartoons but not in real life.

I was bored last night and I was looking for a movie to watch before going to bed and I stumbled on the Animated 3D movie Incredibles 2. I had fun watching it a fresh.

What was intriguing was Mr. Incredible’s Automobile. This Automobile can be controlled with a remote, voice command and everything it was some cool shit. I came to realize that most innovative concepts seems actually tested in cartoons or movies before making there way to real production.

Whatever exist today that you’re gushing over, has already existed in the past one way or the other.

All these technologies became a reality when Artificial Intelligence or A.I came into the spot light. It made the creation of what we see in Sci-fi movies or cartoons a reality.

The Batmobile from the Batman movie and also James Bond’s concept car were the blueprint or mould that paved way to recent technological advancements.

If you have a crazy technological concept, you can start it up as a product placement in a cartoon or a movie and who knows it will become mainstream and the next big thing.

Let’s come down to robotics. You remember R2 from the starwars movie to RoboCop. All these were concepts then, but now we have robots scattered all over the planet.

They have become a reality! There’s continues and constant development going on in robotics. I am still yet to see a real and articulate humanoid that doesn’t look like a doll but a real human like Terminator…lol.

Featuring a futuristic technological idea in a movie or animated cartoon is a cool way of inspiring brilliant minds to pull this out and make it a reality for the betterment of the society.

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