Together Mode — Microsoft’s Shot at Revamping Your Meetings

Original article was published by Tapaan Chauhan on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Together Mode — Microsoft’s Shot at Revamping Your Meetings

Together Mode is going to be Microsoft’s revolutionizing release. Microsoft has decided to revamp its Teams app’s calls and platform, by adding brand new features to it, such as incorporating its voice assistant, Cortana.

Due to the recent pandemic, people are advised to stay home and maintain strict social distancing.

Henceforth, usage of Teams has witnessed an upsurge as video conferencing, messaging, and so forth are the only ways left for people to stay connected.

Together Mode

The new feature is coming out after several months of deliberations. It’s no news that a lot of businesses and workplaces took a hit due to the COVID-19, as crowded gatherings are a strict no-no right now.

To enliven the online meetings and conferences that happen over the internet, Microsoft decided to introduce a “Together Mode.” In this mode, it makes all participants in a video call appear in the same virtual space, creating an impression of a round table conference.

It will supposedly segment our face and shoulders to make us appear in the same virtual space, making us feel as if we’re in an actual conference hall.

“Thanks to Microsoft, we can create the same workspace vibes even while sitting on our couch in our pajamas!”

What is the virtual space going to be like?

Rumors say that the virtual space created by Together Mode could be a meeting room type environment, a coffee shop, or some other space where you would likely to have a meeting.

The ones who had the privilege of experiencing this virtual space claimed that it felt a bit gimmicky a first. You can wave at your co-worker, tap on their shoulders, and even do virtual high fives!

You can see who’s talking and even view their body language. The Together Mode will mostly be launched in August and will be available to all Microsoft Teams.

Dynamic View

Microsoft is also bringing in the Dynamic view, which has the capability to automatically adjust what people view during presentations. It’s specifically designed to allow people to dynamically share content side by side with participants.

We can now bestow AI with secretarial duties, such as translating live captions into different languages. However, live captioning was already a default option available in Teams.

The captions will also include speaker attributions, which will facilitate real-time transcriptions that will be automatically saved once the meeting ends.

It only acts as a plus to all the features that Together Mode is going to jazz up meetings with.

Steps to enable Together Mode:

  1. Start a video call.
  2. Tap on ‘More Options’.
  3. Click on ‘Together Mode.’
  4. Select a background of your choice.
  5. Click on ‘Apply’.

Steps to change the video call’s background on Microsoft Teams:

  1. Start a video call and wait until other people join it.
  2. Click on ‘More Actions’ located on the toolbar.
  3. Choose the background you like from the wide array of options.
  4. You can also click ‘Preview’ to see how it looks like.
  5. Select ‘Apply and turn on video.’

And there you go!

Everything and anything, soon to be Cortana-centric

Microsoft’s new features are going to be Cortana-centric. She will soon arrive in the Teams app along with Together Mode, in Android and iOS after Microsoft removed the independent app.

She was recently integrated into Microsoft Outlook, which allowed users to set up team meetings and schedules with the help of voice. According to Microsoft’s rollout tease, Cortana is also going to be the heart of the Teams app.

“Microsoft is also planning to launch its new devices and laptops that voice can assess control over, especially its displays and functionalities, thanks to Cortana”

All in all seems like Microsoft really skyrocketed its market by turning the disadvantages that people are facing to its advantage!