Top 11 Business Analytics Companies in India to work for in 2020

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Top 11 Business Analytics Companies in India to work for in 2020

With the fast-growing age of great digital transformation, companies seeking to thrive and provide cutting edge solutions to customers’ problems cannot afford to miss the power of Business Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Almost every business or company nowadays depends heavily on the insights drawn from DATA. However, the major challenge is to make meaning out of the humongous Data available or even where and how to fetch the right data to draw meaningful insights. The required skills such as A. I. engineer, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst as well as Business Intelligence officer is hard to find despite the plethora of institutions providing training in this domain.

As the saying goes “Together we can”. There exist a number of companies that provide services such as performing data analysis on behalf of other companies, providing Machine Learning platforms, providing data for companies to draw insights from, providing training for other corporates to upskill themselves, among other services. There are a number of companies that outsource their data-driven insights responsibilities to these companies.

The other side of the problem is when you have the required skill sets and don’t know which of these analytics companies to join OR you have interest in learning or transition into this analytics field and don’t know which one to join or which compensation to expect in order to make a decision.

In this article, I have highlighted the most promising companies to join in 2020.


1. Mu Sigma analytics

It seems Mu Sigma has been employees favourite place to work over the past 5 years since its inception when it comes to analytics companies. No wonder it serves Fortune 500 companies through decision science and big data analytics. The company was founded in 2004 by Dhiraj Rajaram and headquartered in Bengaluru. Mu Sigma has a very creative way to welcome its new entrants through what they call MSU (Mu Sigma University), where the new entrants get hands-on training on various challenging projects under the guidance of senior practitioners in the company.

Company Size — 3500 employees

Glassdoor Rating — 3.4


  1. Business Analyst — On average: INR 5,43,396 per annum.
  2. Sr. Business Analyst — On average: INR 7,80,742 per annum.

Check for openings: here.

2. Fractal Analytics


To reshape business through science and advanced data tools and uncomplicate decision making, so human intelligence can be freed from the drudgery of monotonous work and committed to the pursuit of imagination and creative rewards

With the presence in New York, San Francisco, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore and Dubai, and forty different specialized productized services such as hospitality, healthcare, retail, BFSI, and technology. Fractal Analytics has its own learning academy called Fractal Analytics Academy which offers 50 courses instructed by highly-rated faculty members.

Glassdoor Rating — 3.9

Company Size — 1200 employees


  1. Analyst — On average: INR 779,198 p.a.
  2. Sr. Analyst — On average: INR 980,565 p.a.
  3. Analytics Lead: INR 1,585,321p.a.

Check for openings: here.

3. Accenture Analytics

Accenture Analytics uses a unique approach to extract hidden data through sensors, third party searches, and dedicated analytics. into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to deliver data-driven solutions. Accenture has partnered with famous companies such as SAS, Microsoft, Oracle and HP. The company commands more than 2000 data scientists.

Glassdoor Rating — 3.4

Company Size — 477000 employees


  1. Analyst — On average: INR 588,516 p.a.
  2. Sr. Analyst — On average: INR 902,389 p.a.

Check for openings: here

4. Latent View

Latent View was established in 2006 with its head office in New Jersey, San Jose. It also has branches in Mumbai and Chennai. The company has won several awards including Analytics Solution Provider of the year in 2015 by Frost & Sullivan. It has prominent partners with various educational institutes such as IIT Madras and Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI) to conduct advanced research programs and projects in data analytics and mathematical modelling.


  1. Business Analyst — On average: INR 570,399 p.a.
  2. Sr. Business Analyst — On average: INR 1,353,855 p.a.

Check for openings: here.

5 Manthan

Manthan is a leading Analytics company, specializes in providing Big Data solutions and Artificial Intelligence aided decision making for retail customers. Manthan deals with restaurants, fashion and apparel, e-commerce, food and grocery, and convenience stores

We design prescriptive analytics applications powered by AI; on cloud, for customer-facing businesses. Today our focus is on AI, to reimagine analytics as human intelligence never could.

Glassdoor Rating — 3.7

Company Size — 500 employees


  1. Business Analyst — On average: INR 999,350 p.a.
  2. Sr. Business Analyst — On average: INR 1,353,855 p.a.

Check for openings: here

6. Unmetric

Since 2012, we have been on a mission to help risk takers advance the future of their marketing insights, reporting, and creative processes by democratizing our archive of rich content data and proprietary artificial intelligence.

Unmetric has its head office in New York City with branches in Chennai and various parts of the U.S. Unmetric analyses content on all the major social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube and works towards enhancing engagement based on the insights derived.


  1. Analyst — On average: INR 488,516 p.a.
  2. Sr. Analyst — On average: INR 900,381 p.a.

Check for openings: here.

7. Tiger Analytics

We deliver measurable business value using our experience across a range of commercial and open-source tools & platforms, and a carefully curated talent mix that combines the best of Math, Stat, Computer Science, and Business Consulting skills.

The Tiger Analytics company is based in Silicon Valley and has one of its branches at Chennai. It works with some of the leading Fortune 500 companies in the field of customer analytics, marketing science, and operations and planning analytics.

Glassdoor Rating — 4.7

Company Size — 201–500 employees


  1. Analyst — On average: INR 868,753 p.a.
  2. Sr. Analyst — On average: INR 1,031,765 p.a.

Check for openings: here.

8. Convergytics

With the growing importance of analytics and its role in improving ROI, Convergytics has been solving a key challenge various organizations face when adopting analytics — the gap between creation & consumption resulting in analytics not yielding the optimum business impact.

Converytics bridges this gap by integrating creation, consumption, correction and fusion of analytics. Over the years, we have implemented our solutions for industry leaders across verticals including Retail, CPG, Banking, Healthcare, Social Media, CRM, Supply Chain & Telecom.

Glassdoor Rating — 4.6

Company Size — <50 employees


Business analyst: On average INR 585,000 to 629,000 p.a.

Check openings: here

9. Absolutdata

Since 2001 we’ve connected data to business results for global brands. During this time we have amassed a powerful suite of AI-based products and advanced analytics services that give clients a competitive edge.

Glassdoor Rating — 2.3

Company Size — 450 employees


  1. Analyst — On avaerge INR 714,237 p.a.Sr. Analyst — On average: INR 1,090,832 p.a.
  2. Business Analyst — On average: INR 592,796 per annum.
  3. Sr. Business Analyst — On average INR 1,269,572 per annum.

Check openings: here

10. UST Global

UST Global® is a leading provider of end-to-end IT services and solutions for Global 1000 companies. We use a client-centric Global Engagement Model that combines local, senior, on-site resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of off-shore operations.

This client-centric focus forms the basis for how we, as a company, operate and serve our clients. Commitment to long-term client success empowers every associate to provide value and flexibility beyond the contract. The company has its headquarters in California and has offices in USA, India, UK, Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, and Spain.

Glassdoor Rating — 4

Company Size — 22,419 employees

Salary details:

  1. Business Analyst –On average INR 860,286 p.a.
  2. Sr. Business Analyst — On average INR 1,346,028 p.a.

11. SIBIA Analytics

Demand Planner provides you with accurate sales forecasts, by estimating impacts of a Wide range of external drivers that influence your product demand. The system makes use of advanced quantitative analytics tools, such as Bayesian regression, machine learning and time series modeling; to develop informed estimates over short and long time periods. Its collaborative features streamline demand planning activities with optimized replenishment and procurement along with inventory management.

Glassdoor Rating — 2.9

Company Size — <50 employees

Business analyst: On average: INR 385,000 p.a.

I hope this summary gives you a glimpse of where to head to.


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