Top 5 Benefits of Using Chatbots for Educational Apps

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Top 5 Benefits of Using Chatbots for Educational Apps


Today’s app stores are overcrowded with millions of apps. There’s no doubt that a mobile app boosts the online presence of your brand. Thus, a mobile app for your business is a must. Famous apps such as Amazon, Starbucks, H&M, Uber have already made a mark in successfully promoting their brands online.

Besides these apps that are being used by most of the users now, a host of educational mobile apps can be seen emerging in the market today. An interesting thing that makes these apps stand out from the other apps is the use of AI-driven chatbots in educational mobile apps.

Driven by Artificial Intelligence, the use of chatbots in educational mobile apps helps to enhance the learning experience of the students by making it more engaging and interactive. These apps help teachers in reducing the burden of daily tasks such as checking assignments, evaluating performance, etc.

Here are some incredible benefits of using chatbots for educational apps. Let’s read further in detail to know about the use of chatbots in educational mobile apps.

Chatbots Help to Increase Student Engagement

Here is how educational apps can benefit from AI-driven chatbots. Students these days use online modes of education to gain knowledge. They prefer to read online, surf the internet, and access mobile apps rather than reading traditional textbooks. Interactive mobile apps keep students engaged and help them learn in an exciting way.

Remind was the most downloaded app in the education category in the United States for 2018, with more than 11 million installs. Photomath was the second most downloaded education app in the U.S. with close to 10 million downloads. Duolingo, Google Classroom, and ClassDojo are the rest three apps in the category of the five most downloaded education apps.

Educational apps with enticing interfaces help them conveniently gain knowledge. These apps do not let students get bored as is the case while reading from textbooks. Learning from books makes the overall learning experience dull and monotonous.

Thus, students find it interesting and exciting to access educational mobile apps. Instant messages, apps, laptops, and social media have become a part of their daily lives. They find themselves more connected while learning from educational apps that enhance their engagement and involvement in a specific subject.

A chatbot facilitates student-teacher communication just like a classroom and establishes a two-way communication. Thus, a chatbot makes it easier for students to get information on different subjects and assignments.

Chatbot Provides A Smart Feedback

Feedback is an important aspect of the process of learning. One of the greatest benefits of using chatbots for educational apps is that chatbots have the ability to provide smart feedback.

Feedback helps students to identify their weak areas where the students need to put in more effort. Feedback from children helps teachers to find out the areas they require to improve their teaching abilities.

The entire process of collecting feedback can be made more interesting by using chatbots. Conversational forms and automated replies from chatbots help students and teachers share their feedback. These online forms can be used to take a survey and collect information from students about how they liked the lecture, how their courses and learning experience can be improved.

Similarly, teachers can share their feedback on the assignments that are submitted by the students. Moreover, with the use of chatbots in educational mobile apps, all the feedback can be collected in one place making it easier for the teachers to highlight important points in their feedback.

A Chatbot is an Interactive Medium of Learning

Let’s continue our discussion on how educational apps can benefit from AI-driven chatbots. With the use of chatbots in education mobile apps has improved the overall quality of learning experience for the students. They no more find studies dull and boring. All thanks to the use of chatbots.

AI-driven chatbots have made the overall learning experience more interactive and highly engaging thus making it easier for students to grasp new and tricky concepts. Moreover, the application of AI provides an automated and intelligent teaching system that allows teachers to analyze and assess a student’s learning abilities.

AI chatbots allow students to learn through online messages just like a regular chat conversation. Moreover, these chatbots help teachers assess students’ levels of understanding by recording their answers and responses.

Just like a classroom, chatbots provide the learning material, tests, and quizzes to students. Once the tests get completed, the chatbots collect these online tests and submit the results to the teachers thus allowing teachers to monitor student’s performance and helps to speed up the tasks.

A Chatbot Acts as a Teaching Assistant

Wondering how educational apps can benefit from AI-driven chatbots. Students often get stuck in some subjects and find difficulty in understanding it. In such a case, chatbots can provide teaching assistance to students and help get access to online study material related to their queries.

The use of chatbots in educational mobile apps help students find solutions and answers for their problems just like a teacher. They can help students get a clear explanation of specific topics that are tough and difficult for them.

Similarly, chatbots can help simplify the daily task of teachers such as distributing the tasks, evaluating tests, and checking assignments. This allows teachers to get more time which they can invest in providing quality education to students. Some of the repetitive tasks that the chatbots can do to assist teachers are,

  • Chatbots can answer general queries related to course modules, lessons, daily tasks, assignments, and deadlines.
  • Chatbots can monitor and assess student’s learning progress by evaluating their assignments
  • Chatbots help to provide students with personalized feedback individually that helps to improve the overall learning experience of the students.
  • Chatbots can recommend relevant online learning content by analyzing their learning skills.

Chatbot Provides Instant Help

One of the biggest benefits of using chatbots for educational apps is that they have the ability to offer instant assistance to students. The use of chatbots in educational mobile apps help students in getting instant replies and help for their queries.

Chatbots help in automating trivial tasks for students such as submitting assignments, sending replies to emails, sending instant messages, and feedback. These chatbots can even recommend online study material to students and assist them in completing their assignments.

Students can get instant answers to their queries. Using a chatbot facilitates better communication between the students and teachers. It creates an interactive environment just like that of a classroom. Moreover, students can also know about the admission details in different colleges and get themselves enrolled by submitting online forms.

Every year millions of students submit online applications to different colleges. This makes it difficult for the administrative department to handle so many forms. The use of AI-driven chatbots helps reduce the workload of the administrative staff in managing the online information of so many forms.

Wrapping it Up

These are some of the incredible benefits of using chatbots in educational mobile apps. Undoubtedly, the use of AI in mobile app development has changed it all. The use of AI-driven chatbots in educational mobile apps has completely revolutionized the education industry.

Using these chatbots will help benefit the teacher-student communication, makes the entire learning experience more engaging for the students. Moreover, this will help students in becoming more tech-savvy that helps them perform better in the future.

Thus, integrating a chatbot in a mobile app will soon become necessary for the education system to impart online education in a faster and easier manner. Apart from improving the overall learning experience, the use of chatbot in educational mobile apps helps to keep students engaged while learning and make the entire process of gaining knowledge more interesting and interactive.