Top 5 Books to Learn Data Science in 2020

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

In the article subtitle, I’ve mentioned the idea of books being generally better than online courses for learning data science, or in fact, learning any other tech skill. If you are a huge fan of online courses I just hope you’re reading this paragraph, and haven’t already gone to the comment section.

Let me elaborate. Books require concentration to get through, especially technical ones. On the other side, with online courses I find myself watching the video through the end, but not really paying attention. Further, knowledge from the books will just “stick” better for the majority of us.

Don’t get me wrong, online courses are great for heavily practical stuff, but reading books is a way better solution for learning basics and theoretical concepts — something necessary before jumping to code.

Combining both — books for basics and theory, and online courses for the practical part will make sure you master both aspects in the long run.

Anyhow, you’re here for the top 5 books, so let’s see which the first one is.