Top 5 online courses to get you started with Data Science today.

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Top 5 online courses to get you started with Data Science today.

Here are the online courses that got me started on Data Science.

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Data Science is still one of the most popular professions in 2020. In fact, the demand is skyrocketing to the point where qualms arise that the data science skill gap will perpetuate in widening, as the supply of data wizards fail to catch up to the demand of the companies around the world.

That said, there are tons of students who are jumping into the field and taking on this complex topic in college so that they can keep up with the trend and have a shot at this multidisciplinary career. Due to reports such as Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs which deemed Data Science the conquerer in the last 4 years consecutively, and a tsunami of articles and online courses prompting and influencing youngsters to embark on this endeavor to master Data Science.

However, with the internet, some daring individuals have decided to formulate his or her own curriculum or pathway to learn about Data Science. Since Data Science has become democratized and almost anyone can learn about it today, even without a formal education, learning about it on your own is entirely possible.

So this article is for all those who are thinking of learning Data Science or you’ve been wanting to know more about it but don’t know where to start. In this article, I share the 5 courses that got me started on Data Science and had me passionate about turning data into insights.