Top 8 Amazing Artificial Intelligence Examples

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Top 8 Amazing Artificial Intelligence Examples

What is artificial intelligence examples?, What are the best advantages of artificial intelligence (AI)? How many types of artificial intelligence (AI) are there?
These are all questions you ask very frequently.

artificial intelligence examples

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not rocket science as people think.

I’ll tell you about artificial intelligence (AI) in very simple words.

Are you excited about artificial intelligence (AI)?

Let’s start.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

what is artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an autonomous process or simulation that are programmed to work like humans and can perform task like learning new things or problem-solving. This task is basically achieved by the process called machine learning.

When we hear the term artificial intelligence, the first thing we usually think about robots or a machine that will perform a task.

But this is not a correct explanation of artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence is basically a process in which machines are evolving to function as our brains.

In artificial intelligence, machines and computers are made to mimic the human brain that can solve complex tasks. The main goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is learning, reasoning, and problem-solving.

AI is involved in our lives in all sorts of ways that we are unable to notice.

AI is able to create a more productive and efficient economy.

If AI is properly harnessed, can generate a large number of possibilities for us, it can cure diseases that we haven’t seen before.

Artificial intelligence (AI) can make us safer because it eliminates human error.

That’s pretty incredible!

Have you ever wondered how Google is able to give you such accurate results or how your Facebook feed always gives you content based on your interest?

The answer to all these questions is — artificial intelligence (AI).

Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple Microsoft are all working at a great speed achieving this artificial intelligence software.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is going to the most important thing that humanity has ever worked on.

AI is going to change the equation of all modern world problems.

What are the types of artificial intelligence (AI)?

There are basically three types of artificial intelligence (AI):

1. Artificial narrow intelligence or weak AI.

2. Artificial general intelligence.

3. Artificial super intelligence.

1. Artificial narrow intelligence (weak AI)

Artificial narrow intelligence which is also known as weak AI involves applying artificial intelligence to specific tasks.

Weak AI work on a very specific problem.

Now, Alexa is a good example of narrow intelligence or weak AI. It only works within a predefined range of emotions. There is no genuine intelligence or self-awareness is involved in its working.

Well, other examples of weak AI technology involve the face verification and recognition that you see on your iPhone and other smart devices.

Google maps and autonomous Tesla cars are other applications of weak AI or narrow artificial intelligence.

2. Artificial general intelligence ( strong AI)

Artificial general intelligence also refers to as strong AI.

Strong AI is able to perform any intellectual tasks that human beings can.

Strong AI works very similarly to our brains.

You see machines don’t possess human-like abilities. We have a strong processing unit that can perform high-level computation, but machines are not yet capable of thinking and reasoning.

Examples of Strong AI include speech recognition, visual identification, and decision making.

3. Artificial super intelligence

Artificial super intelligence refers to the time when computers will surpass human beings.

Artificial super intelligence may be a great invention to humans.

Artificial super intelligence is the latest and most innovative of all AI.

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