Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startups in the World 2020

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Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startups in the World 2020

Photo by Robynne Hu on Unsplash

There are a lot of big things happening in small AI companies. Ranking them is hard when their areas of focus are so varied, so here is an alphabetized list of the most interesting, promising and high-impact AI startups in the world, as of 2020.

The list


Cinnamon is a document reader that uses AI that can read any document (from invoices to insurance claims and financial statements), whether printed or hand written, to extract key information, removing and automating time consuming and repetitive work. With Cinnamon, you might never have to skim a boring document again.


Diffblue is a company that uses AI to generate unit tests for Java software to solve the pervasive problems of under-tested code, testing bottlenecks and broken CI pipelines. This company received the largest Series A funding for AI in Europe in 2017, and was started by a computer science professor at the University of Oxford. Goldman Sachs and AWS use them, so they’ve got some big endorsements. is a tool for helping customer-facing teams meet sales targets with better metrics so they can more reliably predict. It does this by automatically capturing and syncing sales activity in a CRM, like an unobtrusive robotic personal assistant.


Terramonitor is a platform that maps the globe using over 100 million images from otherwise unused satellite and remote sensing data, analyzed by AI. It’s basically the constantly-up-to-date Google Earth of the future, so GIS people should check it out.


DarkTrace is one of the better-known security startups using AI. It protects companies against cyber-threats using autonomous responses similar to an organism’s immune system to keep operations running as expected. Their origin story is impressive: “Founded in 2013 by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge and government cyber intelligence experts in the US and the UK, Darktrace is recognized today as the world’s leading AI company for cyber security.”


Dataminr uses huge amounts of public data to predict emerging risk and high-impact events in real-time, such as natural disasters and extremist attacks. They’ve been valued at $1.6 billion — not a small amount.


Numerai is more of a game than a business. It’s a downloadable database and tool that you can use to make a model to control their investments in a tournament. If you rank on the leaderboard, you win actual money (well, cryptocurrency). What’s their long term vision? “To manage all the money in the world with a decentralized network of autonomous AI agents,” so that’s interesting.