Top Artificial Intelligence Companies

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Top Artificial Intelligence Companies

  • In today’s digital era, artificial intelligence (AI) is at the core of every automatic or self-sustaining system available in the marketplace. The technology has the potential to affect our day-to-day activities as well as the daily norms within a business organization. The adoption of AI in major industries like healthcare, finance, automobiles, finance and research among many others is transforming the way businesses see the market competition, advertisement performance, potential marketing areas, and future trends. From the advent of personalized-assistants to autonomous cars, AI technology is advancing at a rapid pace as it is being experimented continuously by the businesses to develop solutions that can assist in making informed and better decisions. Organizations around the world are seeking to highly deploy AI-based solutions as they minimize employee effort and achieve more efficient results. AI and its subset machine learning are jointly contributing towards the advancement with which the ROI is more likely to be maximized.
  • Business Entities are welcoming AI technology adoption with the focus on enhancing its customer experience through the creation of personalized plans, risk management strategies, customized investment plans, and safer authentication processes. For instance, biometric data like fingerprints and retinal scans can work as passwords and can be used in cases of high-risk transactions. AI technology in the marketing sector has automated tasks like data analysis, search engine optimization, lead scoring, and dynamic pricing. Hyper-scale infrastructure companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook are increasing their investments in custom chips based on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC). These chips are being optimized to run modern workloads based on AI and high-performance computing (HPC) and will also assist next-generation databases in speeding up query processing and predictive analytics. The investment in research and development of AI will benefit the ecosystem in bringing AI closer to consumers.
  • These are just a few illustrations of AI offerings that are not only limited to these industries but can also be equally effective and is gaining prominence all over in others. Companies are adopting AI technology for data protection, cyber-security to detect anomalies, analyzing customer response, predicting the vulnerability of attacks, and other crucial tasks. However, wisely leveraging the AI-based solutions implementations can be a challenging task, and organizations need the right kind of assistance and guidance. This paves the way for solution providers, who can assist organizations and their leadership teams. These solution providers can help accelerate the adoption of AI, with the necessary resources and infrastructure to leverage the technology to its full potential.
  • To help organizations select the best vendors and advance their AI initiatives, a distinguished panel comprising of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and industry analysts, along with CIO Applications Magazine’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust solutions coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. We present to you “Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers.

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies

California-based Directly offers an innovative customer experience (CX) automation platform that helps enterprises launch and train virtual agents that double their automation rate. As a support automation company, Directly helps companies launch and train virtual agents that double their automation rate. The CX automation platform delivers automatic, knowledgeable, and personalized support to modern customers, while creating new economic opportunity for people in the AI era. It also easily integrates with leading CRMs, messaging applications, and virtual agents. Market leaders like Airbnb, Microsoft, and Samsung use our expert-in-the-loop AI platform to deliver content, training, and answers to their virtual agent for significantly better performance

App Orchid helps enterprises build AI fueled apps for the Energy, Utilities, Insurance and Healthcare industries. The App Orchid platform uses deep learning and natural language processing with industry specific content delivered through knowledge graphs, to create powerful predictive apps. App Orchid blends historical and real time, structured and unstructured data with employee “tribal” knowledge to deliver innovative enterprise apps including pre-built solutions such as Safety360, Customer360 and Claims360. The Big Data based in-memory technology helps to identify patterns, risks and opportunities previously impossible with traditional analytical tools. A natural language powered user experience interface makes information retrieval as simple as using Google. App Orchid helps enterprises achieve their digital transformation objectives easily through rapid deployment, low cost implementation and minimum disruption across their organization. For more information, please visit

A leading provider of financial data business intelligence (BI) solutions, ARM Insight, through its innovative synthetic data process, transforms raw transaction data into actionable insights, which helps companies in decision-making, automating manually operated tasks, and optimizing their data strategies. With vast amounts of data at their disposal, they bring ideas that serve as input for AI, while keeping privacy and security in place. Serving over 1,000 financial services, the company delivers timely and rich insights that empowers AI, data monetization, and other decisions driving profits, business scalability, and development

CyberFortress is an InsureTech startup based in San Antonio, TX. They build a new kind of online business interruption policy designed for small business. Narrowly-focused and parametric, the procedure begins to payout within 24 hours of a cyber incident — providing valuable cash-on-hand to help our customers’ weather the next storm. They are also building a new way to model online cyber risk. CyberFortress is a machine that continuously collects the evidence of technology choices e-commerce businesses make — thousands of features per domain — and makes sense of this noise via machine learning

A support automation pioneer, Directly helps enterprises to launch and train virtual agents that hike the automation rate. Companies like Airbnb, Microsoft, and Samsung use Directly’s expert-in-the-loop AI platform to tap the expertise of the most experienced customers, delivering content, training, and answers to virtual agents to significantly boost performance. The platform amuses customers with knowledgeable, personalized, and empathetic support communications while creating new economic prospects for people in the AI era. The company integrates all leading CRM applications, messaging applications, and virtual agents

John Snow Labs isan AI company, accelerating progress in data science by providing state-of-the-art models, data and platforms. In 2018, the company won the CIO Review’s AI Solution Provider of the Year award. It also won the Strata Data Award in 2019 for delivering Spark NLP — the world’s most widely used NLP library in the enterprise. A third of the team have a PhD or MD degree and 80% have at least a Master’s degree, coming from multiple disciplines covering medicine, pharma, public health, data engineering, data science, security and compliance. John Snow Labs is a Delaware based Corporation, run as a global virtual team located in 16 countries around the globe

The invention of GPU in 1999 sparked the growth of NVIDIA in the PC gaming market that redefined modern computer graphics and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, GPU deep learning ignited advanced AI, the next era of computing with the GPU acting as the brain of computers, robots, and self-driving cars that can perceive and understand the world. NVIDIA is increasingly known as the AI computing company. Fueled by the insatiable demand for better 3D graphics, NVIDIA has evolved the GPU into a computer brain at the exciting intersection of virtual reality, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence

Using machine learning, Opsani solution tunes the run-time parameters of its clients’ cloud application in response to code, middleware, or environmental changes

Semantix is a One-Stop-Shop Artificial Intelligence solution provider with expertise in Big Data and Data Science. Providing answers to client requirements is SemantixOpenGalaxy — Semantix’s ready-to-use end-to-end AI platform that provides a cloud-based prediction module that solves the client’s needs. The platform allows Semantix to attend to multiple clients without worrying about the infrastructure since we can position complex data digitalization operations. The algorithms make it possible to extract data from the client’s internal systems and convert them into actionable information. The platform is easily available and put through continuous improvement

speak2web provides a conversational AI solution capable of enabling users to use their own words to discover content and products on a website. speak2web is helping businesses of all sizes to embrace AI and to create a completely new way to engage with their customers on the web and on mobile apps. Through the integration of a small component, every web page and business app can be turned into an intelligent sales tool, allowing for free-flowing dialog to navigate an eCommerce store and assisting customers in a completely new way. speak2web works with companies to create their own customized voice experience

Synergies is a cognitive application service provider that combines business knowledge, artificial intelligence technology, and software development. By using deep learning algorithms and big data analytical tools, derived from a powerful combination of multiple algorithms such as neural networks, probabilistic graphical model, and gradient boosting models, the company offers enterprises fast and persuasive business advice. The intelligent systems from Synergies empower enterprises to glean actionable insights from their data and identify the best pathway to make smarter decisions. Through this, the company resolves not only the clients’ surface-level problems in sales, finance, or accounting but also focus on streamlining the operational issues in their supply chain too

Leveraging the potential of AI, The AI Point designs, develops, and delivers predictive analytics solutions to assist enterprises in their journey to achieve their business goals. By continually monitoring significant and even minute changes in the marketplace, the firm tailors itself to build the best possible solutions for the clients. Established as an aggressive startup, The AI Point possesses internal nimbleness and independence to develop powerful solutions for their clients.The innovation labs at The AI Point are investing a lot of time and resources in building result-driven solutions, which gave us an edge over our competitors in gaining and retaining customers. The AI Point caters to multiple industry verticals, including retail, manufacturing, and banking

Leveraging the extensive capabilities of IoT technology and AI, ViaTouch built their product to transform in-store experiences by catering to each specific customer’s needs with smart virtual assistance that learns a shopper’s preferences and habits quickly over a short period of time. VICKI, much like an inventory management system, keeps track of inventory in a store and notifies consumers when products are in stock or on sale through IoT devices. The product follows the status of an item from the time it enters the retailer’s supply chain till it is in the hands of the end user; ensuring a secure transaction and mitigating shrinkage issues for the company’s clients

Workdone enables companies to seamlessly automate processes with major SaaS platforms without the necessity of user training or programming required with the company’s patent-pending technology, Expertise Capture™. It uses machine learning to complete repetitive back-office tasks so humans can do higher-value work. The company automates user tasks required to process purchase orders from receipt through payment within your ERP. It also streamlines payables through automated invoice capture, extraction, and processing. Workdone optimizes rendezvous of shipping documentation with purchasing and payables through automated data capture in support of 3-way matching

Youplus has built the world’s first Video Opinion Intelligence Engine (VOISE), an advanced AI and Machine Learning platform to unlock consumer opinions and experience insights from videos.Youplus is democratizing access to understanding consumer opinions and driving reasons behind their experiences.With sophisticated Video AI Technology, Youplus has created the world’s largest catalog of real peoples’ opinions about their experiences from the vast video web. The internet has evolved beyond text and we are the only company in the world that measures video information to help companies with insights that dive deeper into customer behavior. Our Insights engine helps businesses leverage real opinions and real facts of real people to understand their customer’s world; enabling better decisions and better conversations with customers

AEye’s technology takes an entirely fresh approach to artificial perception; the AEye team determined that a vehicle’s ability to scan the surroundings and quickly identify critical objects demanded that it perceive like a person, but think like a robot. By mimicking human, required pushing intelligence, and processing to the edge of the network, creating an integrated perception system that brought together software extensibility, artificial intelligence, and smart, agile sensors. This led to the creation of AEye’s iDAR, the world’s first solid-state, leading-edge artificial perception platform for autonomous vehicles

Powering apps and digital experiences with an extra emotion layer is Affectiva. The company’s emotion AI is used in gaming, automotive, robotics, education, and healthcare, experiential marketing, retail, human resources, video communication, and more. The team at Affectiva has come out of academia and business with science and art degrees, stemming from all over the world. It prides its team on diversity and is one reason that fosters creativity and innovation. The company’s Emotion AI is used by 25% of Fortune Global 500 and 1,400+ brands

Agile Stacks provides DevOps automation platform for cloud infrastructure and ML. They help companies to accelerate software delivery and data science with composable, automated stacks. ML Stack of the company allows automating the entire data science workflow, from data ingestion and preparation to deployment and ongoing operations. As software lifecycles continue to accelerate and as DevOps practices become commonly accepted, infrastructure and application deployments have become too complex and cumbersome to manage. The company, DevOps automation platform, makes it easy to implement infrastructure as code approach

Creating shared value in artificial intelligence and machine learning is Allegion. The mission is to offer exceptional human and machine intelligence to solve large-scale business challenges. The team at Allegion is committed to delivering this mission through the creation of dignified work and a path to personal improvement. Allegion relies on a mix of its own AI-enhanced platform technology and its nearly million-member global pool of on-demand data specialists. They create the tasks, curate the workforce, keep it all on schedule, and ensure high accuracy across many thousands or millions of data items

AmplifAI began with a single goal in mind to design Artificial Intelligence (AI) that when fueled by your existing data (CRM, ACD/IVR, Quality, Surveys, Sales), sustainably improves employee satisfaction and results, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention. The company is driving the Digital Transformation by using ML to turn data into insights, to auto-generate performance-relevant actions, and to distribute those personalized actions to employees and leaders. They aim to leverage the power of AI to drive enhanced business performance while delivering higher employee and customer satisfaction as well as retention

Empowered by AI Designers and security veterans, Anyvision has built for the world, a state-of-art recognition platform, which is used across multiple industries from all over the world. The platform is compatible with any camera, flexible alignment to any hardware, instantaneously operational and scalable, and most importantly GDPR compatible. A team with more than 20 years of experience enriched both academically and professionally make up the company’s core. Anyvision is shaping the future of AI, creating a safer and Better Tomorrow

AppTek is an independent speech recognition company that has been delivering the most technically advanced applications. By converting spoken language into text, AppTek makes audio and video assets searchable, discoverable, analyze-able, and significantly more valuable. The AI and ML-based automatic speech recognition and machine translation platform are deployed for the media and entertainment industry as well as call centers. AppTek enables the highest quality automatic speech recognition and machine translation solutions available anywhere for enterprises everywhere. The real-time streaming combination allows live closed captioning and speech to speech translation

Being forerunners in the domain of AI to spend auditing, Appzen assists the shareholders to make smart resource decisions and to hold the company accountable to its financial goals. It’s not just a good idea. It’s a fiduciary imperative. Appzen will assist in the make or break the company’s bottom line and provide critical insights with risks. AI-powered spends auditing assists global enterprises across every industry decrease spend, comply with the policy, and streamline the process. The modern finance conglomerates have a responsibility to use Appzen’s innovation to improve their companies’ financial outcomes

Arterys was founded to facilitate the global advancement of medicine through data, artificial intelligence, and technology. Since a significant proportion of the world’s medical data resides in medical images, Arterys set out to tackle several issues around the space, including the enormous workloads radiologists face, the lack of accuracy with many of today’s tools, and the need for increased consistency across practices. The company focuses on solving some of radiology’s most pressing needs. By making imaging diagnostics quantitative, intelligent, and available, Arterys seeks to improve the lives of millions of patients

Making technology think is the company Artificial Solutions, Designed majorly for global enterprises. The company’s advanced conversational AI platform, Teneo, allows significant business users and developers to collaborate on creating sophisticated, intelligent applications that function across 35 languages, multiple platforms, and channels in record time. Artificial Solutions is the specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI that allows people to communicate with applications, websites, and devices in the day-to-day, humanlike natural language via voice, touch, text, or gesture input. Artificial Solutions’ conversational AI technology simplifies the implementation of a wide range of natural language applications such as virtual assistants, and chatbots