Top CEM Solution Companies In Europe

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Top CEM Solution Companies In Europe

CEM Solution Companies In Europe

Enterprises have leveraged AI to scale back the reaction time and personalize the customer experience. it’s allowed companies to scale back the time to answer customer inquiries in real-time. AI is employed to offer the purchasers a primary quick answer, to form them feel they’re listened to and thus more patient before the second answer arrives. As AI can analyze behaviors, it offers a more personalized response the second time around. Chatbots have put companies during a far better position to urge valuable consumer insights. AI is redefining the service center experience for the purchasers through bots having the power to validate and understand unstructured data within the sort of conversational-style speech. Speech bots are used as an intermediary channel for the AI back-end, as AI improves the accuracy and spontaneity of the response by the bot.

Integrating different business data silos enables businesses to completely understand how other business metrics could impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. Businesses gain customer insights primarily by analyzing customer feedback data with little or no regard for various data sources. By linking siloed and disparate data sources to their customer feedback data, companies gain insight through data analytics about their customers that they might not achieve by watching their customer feedback data alone.

Speculating on the menaces related to finding the proper CEM solution, CIO Applications Europe’s editorial board has conducted a profound assessment of CEM solution Companies within the market and shortlisted the prominent ones. supported market expertise and business prowess, the resultant list comprises the names of a number of the simplest CEM solution providers like OnePIN, Spectos, and Netigate. We present to you — “Top 10 CEM Solution Companies— 2020”.

Top 10 CEM Solution Companies In Europe

The company, with its applications and services, can help realize the goal. Honoured with WebRTC Pioneer Award in 2014, CDE focuses on the development of advanced information and telecommunication technologies, with an emphasis on solutions for customer support and engagement management. CDE’s COCOS is a unique customer engagement platform that enables clients to evolve a traditional contact centre into a customer engagement centre.CDE divides COCOS platform into three parts, communication tools, customer interactionship management (CIM), and workflow management. Being flexible and working closely with customers gives CDE insights into industry-specific challenges. The company’s experts can address the challenges of different generation demands from the market

Coremedia content cloud empowers brands to orchestrate iconic, personalized customer experiences for global audiences across any touch point. It enables businesses to deliver highly personalized customer experiences to any digital channel. Marketers, merchandisers, and developers can work collaboratively and efficiently on omnichannel experiences that drive engagement, increase loyalty, improve brand visibility, and boost revenue. A seemless blend of content with commerce for fast distribution across any digital channel via the Commerce Hub, Coremedia offers a pre-built integrations for all major eCommerce platforms (including Salesforce, IBM, SAP, and Elastic Path) as well as quick integrations with homegrown commerce

Intelli Solutions is a specialized IT consulting firm that serves the telecom, financial, and other related sectors. The company offers their proprietary digital solutions that cater to the three main areas of the digital transformation, including customer engagement, business retention, and revenue assurance. Intelli’s customer engagement solution provides organizations with digital customer onboarding, document verification, and processing, and e-signature services to help them build long-lasting relationships with their customers whereas their business retention solution is directed toward building centralized infrastructure for running effective, customer-centric campaigns, based on customer data. The expertise of Intelli deliver complex projects for enterprise customers allows Intelli to act as a Trusted Advisor that offers quantifiable benefits for its customer base

Mediatech-CX is the leading French SaaS software for customer experience management. Its solution has been adopted by 80 big brands, in all industries and in over 40 countries, to help them achieve operational excellence in their Voice of the Customer program. Mediatech-cx is a flexible platform quick to implement. It monitors and analyses customer perception through surveys, online reviews and comments as well as any other production data, at any point of the customer journey. By giving each team member the ability to act instantly and directly on the customer experience, Mediatech-cx impacts concretely the company’s performance

A Stockholm-based information technology and services company, Netigate helps organizations to ask the right questions at the right time, analyse the results and gain strong customer insights that drive progress. Netigate brings to the table a mix of great technology combined with superior support and a high level of internal expertise. But what sets them apart is their easy to use, flexible, and cost-effective solution with a quick implementation. Leveraging the Net Promoter Score (NPS) method, Netigate’s NPS solution makes it easy to work with and act on feedback. The solution’s ready-to-use templates can be customized to fit the need of any organization, and the surveys can be combined to see results over several months or years

The Boston-based company, OnePIN offers a cloud-based services platform that improves customer engagement and response ratios by enabling a real-time dialog between MNOs, enterprise, and small business and their subscribers/customers. OnePIN creates a trusted Digital Assistant channel, enabling companies to establish a digital dialog and deliver top-screen messages to customers throughout the entire customer lifecycle. The two-way, interactive channel enables MNOs to interact with and collect feedback from customers in order to attain a 360-degree view of each customer. OnePIN’s channel can be dynamically initiated and phased in, allowing the MNOs to bridge gaps in their larger CRM endeavors as they make progress toward the seamless omni-channel experience

PHILOSHOPIC is a boutique solutions provider that offers unique customer experiences across retail and financial services industries. PHILOSHOPIC’s solutions are mainly custom implementations of its SMASH cloud-based framework that essentially acts as a unified hub for managing any digital B2C interaction. While SMASHRewards focus on enabling loyalty and rewards programs, SMASHCards power programs for pre-paid cards. The cloud-based framework includes SMASHVouchers for end-to-end omnichannel management of eVouchers. SMASHPromote enables targeted delivery and seamless redemption at the point of sale and SMASHEngage helps retailers in reaching out to customers at the right time/place/platform

The German company, Spectos is helping companies understand, measure, monitor the KPIs critical to service quality by continuously collecting, aggregating and analysing quality indicators such as transit times and meshing it with customer feedback, collected through multiple touchpoints. At the core stands the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management Suite (RTPM Suite), a SaaS platform with services and modules for the ongoing monitoring of business-relevant information in real-time. Based on the Six Sigma concept, the RTPM Suite allows companies to close the gap between performance analysis and corresponding action to improve service quality

TABHOTEL is an expert in improving the guest experience with its digital offerings and provides a technological solution for omni-channel and intelligent self-check-in processes. The company empower organisations with a CXM solution for omnichannel smart procedures and interactions, and digitalisation on kiosks, digital signage and personal terminals. It offers a hybrid SaaS and hardware solution dedicated to the transformation of hospitality and is committed to customising its solution to enrich the clients’ customer environment with an array of digital products for various industries. TABHOTEL presents a complete and “smart” hospitality solution to animate reception areas, dematerialise hospitality processes as check-in & check-out, generate additional turnover and develop a thorough knowledge of behaviours of their customers

Headquartered in San Francisco, Zendesk operates worldwide with offices across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. It offers everything that businesses need to let customer conversations flow seamlessly across channels, creating a better experience for both the business and their customers. The company’s powerful and flexible customer service and engagement platform scales to meet the needs of any business, from startups and small businesses to growth companies and enterprises. Zendesk serves businesses across a multitude of industries, with more than 100,000 paid customer accounts offering service and support in more than 30 languages

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