Top Compliance Consulting/Service Companies In Europe

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Top Compliance Consulting/Service Companies In Europe

Top Compliance Consulting/Service Companies In Europe

As businesses increasingly believe stored customer data, compliance and security are getting important factors that maintain an organization’s stability and public image. Without the help of an appropriate solution and repair provider, organizations find yourself spending excessive time researching about the regulatory changes, managing data security and preparing documentation for regulatory authorities. the necessity to remain compliant consistently has prompted organizations to implement governance, risk and compliance solutions and services that manage the constantly changing regulatory and compliance laws.

Organizations are in need of services and solutions providers which will support them within the cumbersome task of maintaining compliance a day. Today’s compliance technology providers are adopting technological solutions to roll out offerings that manage third party risks, promote policy management, administer hotlines, generate and monitor compliance data, and manage supply chains. the present compliance solutions are bringing together business and compliance interests by assisting organizations in their business operations also as their related compliance functions.

On the opposite hand, by incorporating technologies like AI, blockchain and machine learning in compliance solutions, solutions and services vendors are offering expansive capabilities to the compliance industry. Automation, cloud computing, and analytics are changing the face of compliance alongside helping organizations in reducing their costs and protecting their data. From searching massive amounts of knowledge to proactively identifying financial and behavioral anomalies, these offerings make sure that enterprises are compliant and up-to-date with the newest industry policies and regulations. By offering solutions that are tailored to an organization’s unique requirements, providers are helping both large-scale enterprises and smaller businesses in navigating the rapidly changing technology and compliance landscape without distracting them from their primary business goals. it’s also important to notice that organizations across the world actively promoting the implementation of solutions and services, maybe a testament to their support toward innovations within the compliance sector.

While compliance is usually viewed as an unnecessary burden with unwarranted costs, it’s become an efficient way for industries to deal with their shortcomings in business practices. thanks to the stringent and sophisticated legal procedures, corporations are increasingly concerned about their compliance practices. These technological innovations have opened a stream of developments that enable improvements in fraud detection systems and other processes, ensuring compliance. They also provide greater flexibility to enterprises in mitigating their associated risks while maintaining compliance and increasing productivity.

This edition of CIOApplications Europe has compiled an inventory of the highest 10 Compliance Solution and repair Providers that guide organizations in leveraging the newest technologies to tackle the obstacles related to compliance and regulatory laws and improve their efficiencies. Possessing decades of experience and specialized in solving the intricacies of compliance, these organizations have proved their worth within the industry with several success stories to their credit. We hope this issue of CIOApplications Europe helps you in building the proper partnerships that you simply and your enterprise got to foster a compliant environment.

We present to you CIOApplications Europe’s “Top 10 Compliance Consulting/Service Companies 2020.”

Top 10 Compliance Consulting/Service Companies 2020

BlueBlox is a trade compliance consulting company that solves operational issues on the ground, by providing transparent and compliant solutions. In order to counter injustice and inequality prevailing in the world, especially in the developing countries, Dorothy Diedericks founded BlueBlox as she believes that emerging markets need more trade to empower people and implement better infrastructure. In the places where law is underdeveloped, BlueBlox provides trade facilitation support, by discussing legislation matters with authorities, investigates challenges, and devises compliant solutions. As one of the top compliance solution providers, BlueBlox has already established its reputation in the emerging markets of Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe

Switzerland-based Aleph Archives offers enterprise-grade web archiving solutions for online heritage preservation and e-discovery aimed to corporate, institutions, legal, and government industries seeking to preserve their web content. The first generation of the company’s web archiving system was CAMA, which was developed to aid clients in capturing web content in its native format using Aleph Archives’ web bots (crawlers), storing collected data in the WARC file format, and enabling the playback of archived content. Today, the company offers KEN, its second-generation web-archiving platform, which offers advanced archiving and e-discovery capabilities that go beyond CAMA. Additionally, unlike other systems that cannot effectively document social media due to programming APIs that uncouple text from images, KEN helps users create web archive the exact copies of their online versions

Founded in 2013, Geneva Compliance Group (GCG) is helping organizations with its unconventional compliance services that are built with a focus on a pragmatic approach. The company manages regulatory, compliance, and related technology aspects on behalf of its clients. GCG also provides traditional compliance services wherein it monitors transactions, politically-exposed people, and anti-money laundering activities, among others. Regardless of the complexity of the systems deployed at the client premises, GCG’s team can work with diverse systems and data types to extract the right data for the right requirement

ACA Compliance Group (ACA) is a leading global provider of governance, risk, and compliance advisory services and technology. The company develops advanced solutions to help its clients to mitigate the regulatory, operational, and reputational risks, which are associated with the clients’ business functions. The company offers its services to leading investment advisers, fund managers, commodity trading advisors, investment companies, broker-dealers, and domestic as well as international banks. The company’s products include standard and customized compliance packages, cybersecurity, AML, and risk assessments, ACA helps its clients by providing regulatory hosting services, regulatory reporting, and regulatory capital management services

Compliance Solution Strategies (CSS), a global RegTech platform provider, deliver standard regulatory compliance. The company provides a set of comprehensive and complementary technology-enabled regulatory solutions, which serve compliance professionals across the financial services sector. The company also offers a comprehensive suite with the best software solutions and services that utilize innovative solutions. The company address a full range of regulatory and compliance requirements across the financial services industry. CSS partners with various financial services clients through global asset management, alternative investment fund, and investment advisory communities. The company also ensures compliance with the clients’ regulatory needs with the help of compliance software solutions and services

Exiger offers global governance, risk, and compliance with its clients around the world. The company assists organizations with practical advice and technology solutions, and prevent compliance breaches, respond to threat, remediate major issues, and monitor ongoing business activities. The company presents a global authority on regulatory compliance and address most complex court-appointed and voluntary monitorships in the private and public sectors. Exiger helps its clients by preventing compliance breaches, responding to risks, remediate significant issues, and monitoring ongoing activities. The company aims to provide tech-enabled sustainable compliance solutions that transform global organizations to tackle their compliance challenges

Geisbuhler Weber and Partner offers advice to the financial services providers on the fulfillment of financial market regulatory requirements. The company also contributes to the optimization of compliances and risk processes. The company supports its clients in solving their regulatory issues and helps them to develop holistic solutions. Founded in 2014, the company aims to customize effective solutions for its clients by planning and implementing the after-sales services. The company offers support in various fields like international accounting, corporate finance and risk management, and regulatory issues- reporting systems and prevent money laundering and financial crime

Naris provides governance, risk, and compliance platform to reduce the clients’ business risks and discover opportunities within legal frameworks. The company offers data reliability and control over hard data. The company’s software platform and knowledge in the field of governance, risk, and compliance help its clients to achieve an integrated environment to steer strategy. The company helps its clients by automating processes around GRC, sharing knowledge, allowing all stakeholders to participate and increase involvement. The company supports organizations with sector-specific resources and contributes to the growth of the organization. The company also provide an integrated application that can be linked to other system based on platform demand

An independent, internationally operating consultancy that offers services in a particular domain of IT and business consulting: the automation of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Management processes. Riscomp offers Cloud or SaaS (Software as a Service) — based SAP GRC to save time and money for its customers and uses its expertise to achieve client’s Governance, Risk and Compliance goals in the most efficient manner, thereby contributing to client’s company’s success

Winterhawk is a global SAP GRC consulting solution provider, which helps its clients by delivering SAP Security, Cyber Protection, and Data Privacy. The company offers its services to more than 2 million users around the world that are innovative, independent, and cost-effective. The company’s services are complemented with domain expertise, software content, accelerators, and toolkits, which offer fast, efficient, and expert GRC implementation and support services. The company provides a comprehensive range of specialized services and solutions to support and enable organizations of all sizes, across a diverse range of industry sectors

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