Top Digital Experience Solution Companies

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Top Digital Experience Solution Companies

Top Digital Experience Solution Companies

2020 is shaping up to be a pivotal moment for brands, as executives will invest in software, strategy, skills, and mindsets to become digitally mature. As brands prioritize digital experiences, they’re going to boost investments in software and plan which will help them gather smarter customer insights.

Personalized and predictive consumer analytics will still grow with an algorithmic approach to strategic decision-making. Predictive analytics makes use of previous consumer data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning to pinpoint future outcomes. With business intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning, brands are going to be ready to leverage more profound insights. Businesses will start to create upon these existing technologies, including making the shift towards AI-powered predictive personalization. because of recent developments in AI technology, chatbots can now hold an enticing conversation without being awkward. Additionally, social messaging merges all the simplest elements of traditional digital customer service channels, including full chat functionality, persistent consumer identity, and mobile notifications. And by combining both AI and chatbot technology with social messaging, brands are going to be ready to automate and personalize their responses.

As more IoT devices become available, brands will have access to more in-depth data about their customers than ever before. they will leverage this data to spot the customer’s pain points, buying habits, and interactions that they had with agents from the past to deliver highly personalized service and a far better digital experience than ever. This edition of CIO Applications features companies that are at the forefront of offering digital experience solutions. CIO Applications’ editorial board has assessed and shortlisted a number of the foremost prominent organizations within the industry. We present to you — “Top 25 Digital Experience Solution Companies— 2020”.

Top Digital Experience Solution Companies

A digital experience solution provider that offers AlohaCloud, a fully integrated digital experiences, digital workplaces, and integration framework platform. One of the top Digital Experience Solution Providers, AppFusions’ hybrid “super-app” for digital workplaces and experiences brings together data, apps, processes, and people, for insights, collaboration, integrations, strategic processes, and IT efficiencies. A “deploy anywhere” platform, AlohaCloud includes dozens of integrations, and experience UX builder with embedded building-blocks, real-time data ingestion, engagement metrics, messaging, streams, AI/machine learning, BI, highly performant searchable blockchain encryption, and more. Through AlohaCloud, enterprises can not only leapfrog their digital transformation initiatives but future-proof themselves for the ever-changing technology spectrum

The company provides technology, consulting, and implementation assistance to emerging and premier brands and merchants. With its brand OSF Commerce, OSF Global is a leading global commerce solutions company with expertise in enterprise CRM, CMS, OMS, unified commerce, online shop management, and cloud application development. Taking an agile approach allows OSF to scale global growth more quickly to deliver innovative solutions across channels, devices, and locales to enterprises and emerging businesses across B2B and B2C sectors. With its trusted products and solutions, and wide-range of services, OSF possesses extensive expertise in assisting companies to exceed their revenue-generating potential, expand into new global markets, and most importantly, delight and enchant their valued customers

Swiftpage delivers modern and innovative software and services that are purpose-built to fuel small and midsized business growth. The company’s customer relationship management and marketing automation solutions help drive customer acquisition and retention for their clients. The Act! platform optimizes the way you engage prospects and customers with response-driven nurture marketing campaigns — all sent to targeted lists automatically using criteria and triggers that can be defined accordingly. SMBs can manage opportunities using a simple, out-of-the-box sales process or a customized setup that fits their needs. In-context KPIs help a business to understand the health of their sales pipeline at-a-glance

Acquia is the enterprise with a transparent digital experience. The company provides software to the most innovative brands in the world, allowing them to embrace creativity and create important moments for consumers. Acquia allows some of the world’s leading companies to thrive, including Apple, Mercedes Benz, Warner Music Group, and the University of Stanford. More than 4,000 companies use the content network and exchange solutions from Acquia. Customer satisfaction at Acquia is a philosophy and a set of established business practices and methodologies from marketing, service, support, and technical teams

Alterian has a record of 20 years of supplying brands with marketing automation and real-time customer experience (CX) solutions. The business has a diverse range of U.S., U.K., and Australia clients, representing vertical industries like media, energy, financial services, retail consumer brands, and automotive. The real-time CX platform of Alterian enables brands to understand and act on the interactions with their consumers fully. Collecting data from various sources like websites, call centers, IoT devices, and mobile apps, Alterian’s system acts as a “brain” for interpreting all this data and recommending the next best actions

Amplexor is the top supplier of digital solutions that offer international compliance digital experience and content solutions. Amplexor helps customers achieve flexibility in operations, increase revenue generation, reduce time-to-market and ensure quality and compliance. The turnkey solutions from the organization support core processes in the industry, including software technology consulting system integration, language, and content management. The company provides state-of-the-art aerospace, defense and aviation, energy and environment, banking, life sciences, manufacturing, and public sector solutions in 23 countries. Amplexor services around core business processes include planning, consulting technology system integration, and operations & maintenance

Bazaarvoice connects brands and retailers are connected to customers, so every shopping experience feels personal. Bazaarvoice’s solutions reach in-market shoppers from searching and exploring to purchasing and campaigning, customizing their experiences, and giving them the motivation to purchase. Each month in the Bazaarvoice Network, over a billion customers view and exchange authentic content through 6,000 product and retail websites, including feedback, questions and answers, and social media. The Code of Conduct of Bazaarvoice defines the ethical and legal principles of the organization for conducting business worldwide and acts as a guide for employees when faced with dilemmas, where there is no clear choice

To enable, empower and delight, Brainjocks provides innovative marketing technology solutions. The ability to deliver quickly is proven time and time again with extensive experience in the CMS space, and the reputation for successful projects is well known — globally. The enabling-focused approach of Brainjocks allows its clients to create user-focused digital products with measurable business impact and limited long-term technological knowledge dependencies. The SCORE approach of Brainjocks to CMS gives more autonomy and flexibility to marketing teams. It helps them to use the tools provided to focus on delivering engaging content and user travel, without constant reliance on development teams

Brillio is the global leader in digital business development, using human-touch technology. The company helps businesses identify internal and external growth priorities and use proprietary technologies to turn those goals into actionable business strategies. Brillio is the ideal partner for businesses with 2600 + experts and 13 offices worldwide that want to rapidly improve their core business efficiency and gain a competitive edge with the new technology solutions. The company’s goal is to be change catalysts and partners to accelerate its digital transformation with its customers

Dynatrace offers intelligence tools to simplify the complexities of enterprise cloud and accelerate digital transformation. The company’s all-in-one system provides answers, not just data to the quality of applications, the underlying infrastructure, and the experience of all users with A.I. and complete automation. That’s why many of the biggest companies in the world, including 72 out of the Fortune 100, trust Dynatrace to modernize and simplify business cloud operations, launch better software faster, and offer unrivaled digital experiences. For secure, distributed management of shared cloud environments by multiple teams, Dynatrace enables fine-grained access across applications with management zones

e-Zest is the default digital-first and digital company. To achieve digital transformation from idea to implementation, customer-centricity is important for e-Zest. e-Zest is working to create tailor-made solutions. The company offers cloud computing, enterprise mobility, big data and analytics, AI/ML, user experience and digital marketing software development and consulting services. The primary goals are often overlooked by technology partners and are narrowly focused on implementation to identify “scale and time.” But e-Zest believes in focusing on the transformative intention and working with its customers to create results and impact beyond what has initially been articulated

e-SpiritTM, the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform’s maker, helps businesses engage customers and increase revenue with customized, content-rich digital experiences anywhere, anytime. For individualized and coordinated content delivery across all platforms, Savvy digital marketers across all industry sectors rely on the FirstSpirit platform to distinguish their companies and force their users to act. AI-Powered Personalized Experiences enables customer engagement and revenue growth by customizing each customer interaction across any channel anywhere, anytime. FirstSpirit helps create outstanding digital communications when moving with tremendous flexibility and purpose in the digital world

“eGain provides customer engagement platforms for an omnichannel world that allows the businesses to sell smarter and serve better. The company offers over 20 customer engagement apps. The primary omnichannel tools offered by the company include Virtual Assistant and Super Chat. Virtual Assistant offers support to the customers through a lifelike agent who utilizes natural language. In case of an unresolved issue, the control is seamlessly escalated to a real chat agent with context. Super Chat engages customers via real-time web assistance using text chat, video, click to call, and cobrowse features”

“Episerver puts Digital Content, Marketing, and Commerce on one screen. The company aims to assist customers in creating effective digital experiences across various channels and devices. Episerver has developed into a leading provider of solutions for digital experiences, such as content, commerce, and marketing. The clients can avail powerful, experience-driven buyer journeys with Episerver. Further, Episerver helps its clients to attain the best ROI in the industry and the shortest time to value. It is easy to manage and individualize content experiences on a screen using Episerver’s market-leading web content management solution”

“ESG builds and supports customized programs that optimize, extend, and grow your Customer Success organization. The company partners closely on Customer Success strategies and help the businesses to execute on those strategies by delivering processes, thought leadership, technology solutions, marketing, and digital success services, consultation, unique insights, and exceptional experiences for the targeted customers. ESG’s programs include its Virtual Customer Success Managers (vCSMs) that will extend the customer base by reaching out to the end-users, complementing a business’s internal resources and strategy as a key part driving results for the business”

“Exchange Solutions offers innovations in loyalty and offer personalization, offering its clients scalable, secure technology solutions, supported by highly efficient resources from its trusted account management team and advanced analytics group. The organization has matured as a solutions provider from the campaign and contest management it had taken from its early days of loyalty program design and management to help the clients keep excel. Exchange Solutions is in the business of assisting brands in making data-driven decisions, to stay customer-centric with innovative customer loyalty and engagement solutions, and to continue to excel in acquiring and retaining loyal customers”

“EXL fuses the essential elements required in the current business world to thrive. It uses digital technology and deep industry expertise, artificial intelligence, and human expertise. The powerful EXL platform enables the businesses to deliver Digital Intelligence that assists the business to grow more profitably and faster, maintaining market leadership regardless of the challenges ahead. EXL helps to build deeper customer experiences, faster route to market, growing profitability, and revenues. EXL values an outcome-oriented approach, ensuring that a business is not only transformed but also moving forward to stay ahead”

“FreshLime addresses complex marketing challenges faced by most small businesses. Using automated, data-driven chatbots on a company’s website, FreshLime can address FAQs and gather lead information at lightning-fast speeds with the purpose of creating an experience that will positively impact the customers. FreshLime offers a first customer messaging platform that enables businesses with a seamless connection with their customers across various digital messaging options — from the text to email, to other mobile messaging options. All the above features are powered by the FreshLime’s only customer connection platform designed for small businesses”

Every year, Genesys® brings up over 25 billion of the best customer experiences in the world. The success of the company comes from connecting conversations between employees and customers on any network. Every day, 11,000 companies in over 100 countries rely on the customer experience system of the organization to achieve great business results and create lasting relationships. Genesys combines the best of technology and human ingenuity to develop solutions that mimic natural communication and work the way the consumer feels. The industry-leading technologies promote true omnichannel interaction as they work equally well across platforms, on-site, and in the cloud

The most customer-obsessed consultancy on Earth is Maverick Digital. By transforming their customer experiences, Maverick helps companies grow. It’s all about the customer. The company is a core of creativity and relentless execution, which changes the way businesses approach transformation and growth. Maverick’s innovative, holistic, and integrated approach through strategy, brand creative technology, enablement, and operations yields even higher results for consumers, who are creators of modern experience. Maverick helps companies to think and operate differently through Omni-channel commerce, digital experience, and brand development

Medullan Inc is a leading digital healthcare company designing and developing outcome-driven solutions that have a clear and measurable impact on the healthcare sector. At each point of a development cycle–problem identification, user analysis, UX design, and agile software development–they collaborate with customers and use Lean methods to validate and deliver highly innovative web and mobile apps that improve patient satisfaction and adoption. Fuelled by a passion for health, a desire to change the health care system positively, and a culture of accountability–Medullan works with payers, suppliers, life sciences, and pharmaceutical companies to develop solutions that generate tangible business value and positive impact on their clients’ lives

Nanoheal is a patented predictive and cognitive workplace automation platform for providers of technology services, managed service providers, major OEMs, and providers of SMB IT helpdesk. The company SaaS technology platform automates the resolution of technical support issues for all types of smart devices with the help of built-in intelligence. Thus reduces the volume of the problems that need support from a helpdesk provider, enabling them to provide smart-powered, next-generation support services. Nanoheal helps companies connect with their businesses and consumers in an entirely new way

Nanoheal is a patented predictive and cognitive workplace automation platform for providers of technology services, managed service providers, major OEMs, and providers of SMB IT helpdesk. The company SaaS technology platform automates the resolution of technology support issues for all types of smart devices with the help of built-in intelligence. Thus reduces the volume of the problems that need support from a helpdesk provider, enabling them to provide smart-powered, next-generation support services. Nanoheal helps companies connect with their businesses and consumers in an entirely new way

In today’s leading mobile apps, devices and innovations, Radius Networks offer a wide range of hardware, technology and proximity services designed to enable hyper-proximity, micro-location communication capabilities, and analytics. Radius Networks is developing the next generation location system to improve the location and connection of businesses with their customers. Wireless tableside and curbside network Radius Networks is deployed across more than 60 countries worldwide in several locations. Clients include some of the biggest brands in the world that cover multiple markets, including restaurants, grocers, sports and entertainment, hospitality, and gaming


“Stellar offers an end-to-end customer journey, delivering an outsourcing offering informed by research, state-of-the-art technological solutions, and decades of experience. The company has centers across Australia, the USA, the Philippines, and South Africa, providing services for a diverse client base that covers a broad range of industries. Clients work with Stellar to ensure a partnership with a company that will aid them through digital transformation to be at the forefront of the next huge breakthrough in customer service. Stellar is passionate about people and customers and works with agility to enable its clients to maintain a competitive edge in their industry”

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