Top FinTech Solution Companies 2020

Source: Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Top FinTech Solution Companies 2020

Source: CFO Tech Outlook

The emerging growth of fintech has opened up a world of possibilities, and it has invariably changed the way companies do business. Innovations from artificial intelligence to blockchain technology provide ways to revolutionize the fintech industry. Among the many fintech trends, AI voice-operated assistant offerings increasingly more critical parts of many repayments apps. Moreover, leading fintech businesses will use AI and Machine learning in the structure of advanced chatbots or imaging recognition software program to launch hyper-targeted campaigns and facilitate client assistance.

The CFO Tech Outlook Magazine lists top FinTech Solution Companies to assist the CIOs to identify the most reliable companies.

  1. Agreement Express: Agreement Express is the leading client onboarding platform for financial services. The Agreement Express platform allows financial institutions to design and execute consistent automated onboarding experiences across their product offerings and channels while providing deep analytics that enables proactive and personalized client advice. The platform is the first of its kind to help firms gather, use, and reuse client data to improve and evolve rich customer experiences. Agreement Express enables financial institutions to provide best-in-class digital onboarding to their clients and grow their business.
  2. C2FO: C2FO is a simple and transparent technology available for businesses to access their receivables on-demand. Instead of waiting for payments, C2FO allows any business to request early payments from its customers in exchange for discounted invoices to convert their AR into immediate cash flow. By operating on this model, C2FO relieves the monetary and KPI pressures of companies by providing a debt-free working capital solution. It creates a closed knit transaction platform for suppliers, and customers, without the interference of any bank or other financial entity.
  3. Clear View Systems: Privacy, security, and compliance are the biggest drivers of the fintech world today. In such scenarios, Clear View Systems offers its technology to address their clients’ diverse compliance needs by consulting with top AML compliance auditors in Canada and the US. With its offering the CurrencyXchanger (CXR) which is inits fifth version, Clear View Systems has set out on a mission of automating foreign exchange operations. As a currency exchanging software, CXR has several features such as integrated double-entry accounting, AML compliant record-keeping, live inventory tracking, and automatic rate updates.
  4. Emagia : With a focus on improving the efficiency of the O2C cycle and going digital with the customer experience in financial services, Emagia brings in the combination of automation, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our platform to innovate the credit, receivables and payments processes. Emagia now delivers the world’s first digital O2C workforce that can augment the current shared services and provide scalability to handle more customers. Emagia has recently introduced Gia, an AI-based Digital Finance Assistant, that has been specifically designed for order-to-cash operations in customer financial services, accounts receivable departments, and F&A shared services. Emagia also offers advanced analytics and insights in order-to-cash. The company brings out analytics based on Machine Learning and AI, and it aggregates these insights to enable rolling-window cash-flow forecasting, which holds at least six weeks’ window.
  5. RegDOX Solutions: RegDOX is focused on the mission of enabling customers to manage and collaborate on regulated documents; those sensitive documents and information controlled by complex cybersecurity regulations. As a renowned fintech solutions provider, it offers IT security services, including content shielding, customer-specific encryption, tamper-proof auditing, and report. RegDOX concentrates on technological solutions that reflect the reality of how a company can best use electronic storage and collaboration. With RegDOX, documents are stored on the server with 256-bit encryption and protected from unauthorized access, including by the IT service provider. All data transmission between the client and the server is also protected with 256-bit encryption.
  6. Rimilia: Rimilia provides intelligent, finance automation solutions that enable organizations to control cash flow and cash collection in real-time. The software solutions use sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict customer payment behavior and easily match and reconcile payments, removing the uncertainty of cash collection. Rimilia software automates the complete accounts receivable process, reducing manual activity by an average 70 percent and achieving best in class matching rates recognized by industry specialists. The company operates globally across many sectors serving customers in over 50 countries spanning USA, Europe and Australia.
  7. Supernova Technology: Supernova Technology provides a comprehensive SBL platform that automates the complex and cumbersome borrowing process allowing financial advisors to deliver holistic, goals-based advice to help investors toward financial wellness. The company’s solution comprises six primary modules — Origination, Servicing, Risk Management, Data Analytics, Advisor Portal and Client Portal. In addition, with the solution’s educational component, clients can gain industry-leading training and thought leadership in suitability and risk management. To cater to the diverse needs of its clientele, Supernova Technology’s clients are able to choose between the all-inclusive platform or single/multiple module(s) based on their organization-specific requirements.
  8. Surecomp: Surecomp offers products that empower banks and corporate firms to have supreme front and backend trade finance operations as well as an enhanced supply chain to deliver well-defined user experiences to consumers. As trade finance protocols vary on a regional basis, every Surecomp solution — be it APISURE or SURECONNECT or SURECOMPSTORE — is delivered and launched in accordance with the laws and regulations of that geographical location in which it is to be deployed or utilized. As digital technology continues to make steady inroads into the banking world, Surecomp continues to seize the opportunities and provide cost-effective, cloud-based SaaS solutions that are easily deployable at all organizations irrespective of its sizeSee More

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