Top Procurement Consulting Companies in Europe

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Top Procurement Consulting Companies in Europe

Top Procurement Consulting Companies in Europe

The procurement process is not any enter the park; it requires enterprises to seek out reliable suppliers, select the proper products, assess purchase orders, and facilitate payments for his or her supplies. If that’s not challenging enough, the fast pace of the fashionable business landscape also requires companies to accomplish these tasks as quickly as possible if they need to stay competitive in their industry.

The world of procurement has undergone tremendous changes from the past few years. For long, the increase of digital technologies and its positive impact on procurement has been projected as a purchasing trend. Organizations are finally moving to adapt to cognitive procurement technologies like Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, tongue Processing, AI, 3D printing, blockchain, and Robotic Process Automation. From automating redundant procurement tasks to empowering C-Suite in deciding, from better market visibility through product innovation to increased profitability, the advantages of digital technologies are enormous.

To realize the utmost value, organizations need to take the leap from manual to digital transformation with a correct strategy in the situation. They have to take a position within the right infrastructure, processes, resources, and repair provider with a vision that aligns with the organization’s objectives within the future. As procurement is gaining more strategic importance within a corporation, the expectations from this function also are increasing. There are some firms that are working towards giving higher quality at a lesser value, more forward-thinking highlights, and at shorter age times while managing the prices reasonably.

Rising demand among enterprises to streamline the procurement processes drives the expansion of procurement as a service. the worldwide procurement as a service market sizes to grow from USD 5.4 billion in 2019 to USD 7.8 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual rate of growth (CAGR) of seven .6 percent during the forecast period. The growing need among enterprises to scale back the prices related to procurement operations and streamline procurement processes is predicted to drive the expansion of the market across industry verticals globally.

CIO Applications Europe has compiled an inventory of Top 10 Procurement Services Providers that are at the forefront of harnessing the facility of technology to tackle today’s procurement challenges, reduce workload, better manage their procurement needs and increase efficiencies.

In this edition, we are glad to feature companies like HP Inc, CosmoONE, Elemica, Titan Solutions, and more who are revolutionizing the space with their groundbreaking solutions. With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up its sleeves, these service providers are continually proving its mettle within the field of procurement. We hope this issue of the CIO Applications Europe helps you build the partnership you and your firm must foster technologically-driven supply-chain management.

We present to you CIO Applications Europe’ “Top 10 Procurement Consulting/Services Companies in Europe 2020.”

Top 10 Procurement Consulting/Services Companies in Europe

Titan Solutions is a Logistics and Supply Chain company which uses leading-edge technology to address complex supply chain issues. As a supply chain technology and service provider, Titan goes beyond SaaS to deliver transformational change and supply chain digitization programs. With contract manufacturing and logistics in its DNA (unusual for the industry), the company is uniquely equipped with innovative technology platforms, to provide a range of entry-level and advanced digitization options via its integrated global logistics eco-system. Titan has proven to be invaluable to its customers by blending a combination of contract manufacturing and logistics expertise to provide innovative supply chain solutions including a fully integrated ERP/TMS/WMS solution set that includes BI and Inventory modelling capabilities

atrete is an independent Information and Communications Technology (ICT) consultancy firm. The business’s consultants make sure that their tried and tested services are perfectly tailored to the situation at hand. This applies not only to the relevant business model and technological environment but also to the specific corporate culture and market situation. atrete considers all relevant factors that lead to the optimum solution in each individual case. The enterprise offers services in sourcing advisory, engineering, consulting, digitalization, procurement services, project management, program management, network, and cloud

Focused on procurement services, Eastern European Procurement Consulting and Services (CEPROCS) is a fully integrated business process outsourcer. The business analyzes client’s business needs, collect data and resort to market’s best practice for intelligent operations. CEPROCS’s solutions simplify and improve business processes, provide new opportunities and enable clients to focus on their core business. The enterprise’s tailor-made accounting and controlling, human resources, procurement and common coding services significantly support the reduction of cost and capital intensity. Additionally, this strengthens the market position, supports organizational transformations, helps in managing risk, and allows for accurate and reliable business predictions

Established in 1971, Elmatica is one of the experienced brokers of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) in the world. Elmatica offers services in procurement, logistics, consulting, and manufacturing, audit. The business provides its services to both small family businesses and companies listed on the stock exchange. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Elmatica has a unique understanding of the market by procuring on four continents and delivering to five. The business is honored to lead several new independent standards in the industry, with organizations like IPC and iNEMI

Founded in 2017, INVNET is an expert in P2P and Vendor Invoice Dematerialization in SAP. Alexandre Lecarpentier and Sebastien Lucas, two former OpenText consultants, founded INVNET to help the companies get the best of their VIM implementation to improve their vendor invoice process and user experience. The enterprise offers services in vendor invoice management VIM, enterprise scan, Invoice Capture Center (ICC), xECM for SAP, Business Center (BCC), ABAP, Readsoft, Process Director (PD), data archiving, document archiving, concur, and workflow

Kelmer Procurement is an independent consultancy company. The enterprise aims to supply a tool for the optimization of indirect procurement through the creation of a network of medium and large size companies. Kelmer is a group of specialists in the industry of logistics operations, with an average of 20 years of experience in logistics, procurement, and supply chain management

Metroplan is a leading technical consultancy and planning company. The enterprise designs comprehensive solutions for production and logistics locations. Metroplan’s high implementation expertise, interdisciplinary approach, and efficient project management sets itself apart from the competition. The business provides services in warehouse modernization, supply chain optimization, production logistics , logistics optimization, production networks, location analysis and decision, warehouse planning, logistics consulting, factory planning, lean management, production optimization, building design and approval planning, detailed planning of production sites, business process optimization, and detailed planning of logistic sites

ProVations offers strategic IT procurement and innovation advice, learning opportunities & hands-on implementation. All of the enterprise’s services are delivered by experienced, specialized, and skilled persons. The company partners into the procurement and innovation disciplines representing business and customer-oriented mindset. ProVations offers services in procurement advisory, innovation management networking, procurement strategy & transformation, business partnering, training within negotiations and procurement, facilitating think tanks to foster improved procurement capabilities

Spendavis is focused on improving procurement processes and delivering savings for SME’s with spend optimization programs. The business’s mission is comprehensively developing procurement processes to achieve tangible, sustainable competitive advantage and substantial savings for their customers. Spendavis offers services in acquisition analytics, savings, development, competitive advantage, and analysis of the current state

Transparent was founded in 2000 as a company specializing in AP recovery audits. To succeed in the market, as well as to provide top-class services, the enterprise developed its own proprietary software, designed specifically for its needs. The state-of-the-art software remains the bedrock of the company right up until today, as it is not only used for the industry-leading recovery audits, but also for a broad range of services. Additionally, Transparent offers services in continuous monitoring, data cleansing, benchmarking, supplier financing, vendor master data, audit, consultancy, procurement, source to pay, procure to pay, compliance, control, spend analytics, and big data

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