Train Machine Learning Models Without Knowing Any Coding For Free On Teachable Machine!

Original article was published by Bharath K on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

  1. Webcam image prediction of a girl and a dog. The classification is done if the picture contains just the girl or both the girl and the dog.
  2. Audio Segmentation to figure out the type of music. In this example, it refers to the Metal or not metal type of music.
  3. Another sound classification task to differentiate between a snap of the fingers or a clap of the hands.
  4. Gesture recognition to detect if the position belongs to a tree or wings.
  5. The item classification task, which classifies if the food item is a marshmallow or not.

Wow! These projects are really cool, and we can do them too, even without any programming knowledge. Let us click the get started button and understand this website slightly better.

Screenshot By Author

Here, we have the option to do three projects, namely image, audio, and pose. You can pick anything of your choice, but for this demonstration, I will choose the pose project.

Screenshot By Author

Upon clicking the link, you are encountered with the above task. You can choose to upload images from your folders, or use a webcam for live pose detection, and start saving the images of each class accordingly. The example pictures can be taken as follows:

Screenshot By Author from YouTube

After collecting all the data required for the project of your choice, click on the train model button option available. DO NOT Close the browser while the model is training. Before training, if you wish to add more classes for the classification task of your choice, then feel free to do so.

Once the training of the model is completed, proceed to test the images on the test data set and see how the respective model performs. Immediately after the training process is complete, you will have the option to test the working of the model on yourself.

The entire process is simplified, and all the operations work on the browser. If you are more interested in how such a model works from scratch, then I would recommend you guys check out these articles below by me, where I have done the emotion and gesture detection from scratch in this 2-part series.

The best part about this is you can easily export these models. This tool gives you two options. Firstly, you can upload your model via a shareable link and show what you have created to your friends. You can also download it as a Tensorflow model file, or you can use the JavaScript code accordingly for your website layouts and designs.

All this can be done with just your web browser. So, have fun playing with this website and exploring it. 😃