Truth about GoFounders/Onpassive Full Review 2020

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Truth about GoFounders/Onpassive Full Review 2020

GoFounders /Onpassive Full Review 2020

Today’s world is competitive & fierce. You can read about new startup ventures starting every day, but nearly 44% of them could not even survive the first five years of their launch. There can be several reasons behind it, including poor strategies, didn’t have the right team on-board, or keep losing the money continuously. The use of Artificial Intelligence has increased considerably in recent years. This is where GoFounders digital tool, ONPASSIVE, comes into play. All businesses starting from manufacturing to finance are using AI in nowadays. Nowadays, companies are more focused on data for learning customer patterns and take future business actions with the help of business automation tools. ONPASSIVE provides AI-powered multiple business automation solutions for various businesses to grow.

Now let’s understand a little further about G0Founders and its revolutionary tool, ONPASSIVE.

· What is GoFounders?

GoFounders is the only solution for all digital requirements of your business. It opens up a massive income opportunity for you through its MLM opportunity. GoFounders, an IT Company with digital solutions, was established by Ash Mufareh in the year 2018. Ash Mufareh, the renowned name if the field of the digital world, always wanted to help business owners to have some personal time, financial freedom, and a successful self-operating business. For this, Ash started GoFounders to provide the best digital solutions for every small, medium, and large scale companies. GoFounders provide superior and excellent digital solutions specially designed for keeping evolving market needs in mind. This tool can help any online businesses to improve their productivity and the number of satisfied customers. This is where GoFounders digital tool, ONPASSIVE, comes into play. Designed to generate the maximum revenue for your business and provide you a better ROI; this company also helps its Founders to have financial freedom, personal time, and self-improvement time.

GoFounders, along with its sister company ONPASSIVE offers some of the best effective marketing tools and services which are designed for providing success in this highly competitive world. This platform not only offers you money, but also offers an opportunity to help the needed who want to establish a successful business.

· Why Should I Join GoFounders?

Joining GoFounders can be a life-changing decision. It not will not only help you in running your business remotely from a cloud but also help provide better insights for your firm. While GoFounders is running end-to-end operations of your business, you can focus on reviewing results and other important aspects of the company. GoFounders marketing platform ONPASSIVE is integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will automate all the manual activities involved in a business. Hence, there will be no requirement for recruitment; no requirements for additional marketing tools, no need for manual efforts and many more. This will result in cost efficiency and increased productivity. Artificial Intelligence-powered digital device is considered to be a game-changer shortly. This digitally advanced tool will collect millions of terabytes of humongous data from the server, compute them internally in fractions of seconds, and will predict a proper pattern for growth & development of online businesses.

GoFounders also let the founders earn regular residual earnings, which provide complete financial freedom for entire life. No doubt, GoFounders will be the best technologically advanced tool ever developed. It will help to grow a business is a very productive & financially stable way. Once integrated with the most advanced digital product, it will start collecting the data of the company. After the collection of data is complete, it will begin to calculate the best feasible & profitable way to increase the productivity of the business. The predictions made by the tool are accurate as it uses Artificial Intelligence to conduct its research & predict the outcome. They are designed to bring the best of results without any questions of errors. Even the GoFounders reviews are off the charts after some of the businesses were testing it. This result enables a safe and secure feature for this tool as these GoFounders reviews are proof.

· Compensation plans of GoFounders/Onpassive

The company offers a forced matrix of 3×10, which ensures enrolment of 3 members per level by a founder, which will continue till the tenth level. Each founder willbe entitled to use the AI-driven marketing tools and also purchase packages for remaining active on the network. Those marketing tools are the products of ONPASSIVE, Subsidiary of GoFounders, which change the game here. With the help of this AI-powered tool, businesses can increase their productivity by two-fold. Also, it will help to improve the performance of the employees.

GoFounders purchase positions are affiliated up to four 3×10 matrices. You can earn a commission when you recruit affiliates directly or indirectly to do the same. The first three positions form the first level of the model. The second level is generated by splitting the first three positions into another three seats each. In the same way, levels three to ten of the matrix are created. Each level can house each new level three times as the previous level. The commissions are paid with the filling of the positions. Those positions are filled by direct or indirect recruitment of affiliates who buys the posts in one or more of the four on the matrix tiers.

The amount of commissions paid across GoFounders four matrix tiers are given below:

Ø $25 Matrix

  • $2 on level 1 PPF (Per Position Filled)
  • $3 on level 2 PPF
  • $2 on level 3 PPF
  • $1 on levels 4 to 8 PPF
  • $2 on level 9 PPF
  • $1 on level 10 PPF

Ø $125 Matrix

  • $10 on level 1 PPF
  • $15 on level 2 PPF
  • $7 on level 3 PPF
  • $5 on levels 4 and 5 PPF
  • $3 on level 6 PPF
  • $2 on level 7 PPF
  • $3 on levels 8 and 9 PPF
  • $2 on level 10 PPF

Ø $250 Matrix

  • $10 on level 1 PPF
  • $25 on level 2 PPF
  • $10 on level 3 PPF
  • $8 on levels 4 to 6 PPF
  • $7 on levels 7 and 8 PPF
  • $8 on levels 9 and 10 PPF

Ø $500 Matrix

  • $20 on level 1 PPF
  • $30 on level 2 PPF
  • $15 on levels 3 to 5 PPF
  • $10 on levels 6 and 7 PPF
  • $15 on levels 8 and 9 PPF
  • $10 on level 10 PPF

The commission amounts in this matrix are monthly recurring, just as the cost of the matrix position.

· Should I Be Concerned about Future with GoFounders?

GoFounders is a product based IT company which allows its members to use its AI-driven automation tools, not unlike any other MLM company that makes money only by recruiting members. They do not even have any products or services to sell. GoFounders’s OnPassive is integrated with Artificial Intelligence. It enables the professionals to automate their business and get rid of manual efforts, which require more workforce and staff-hours, which lead to an increase in productivity and efficiency. GoFounders is an AI-backed, product-driven company that propels your business output even when you are participating in the business passively.

Now let’s discuss the pros of becoming a GoFounders member.

  • Increase your Customer Reach:

GoFounders encourages it AI-driven tools to generate more creative business strategies for its founders. The capability of efficiently regulating the leads toward the data they’re looking for, improving the personalization and connection through chat and follow-ups.

  • A Personalized Experience for Founders:

With the utilization of AI, the entrepreneurs will be able to interact with the users of their websites and social media sites directly. In return, the customers will get a much-personalized experience from the entrepreneurs as well.

  • Transparent & Sound Communication:

The advancement of AI has spread a fear that human jobs may get effected. But the irony is that with more latest technology, we have enabled to add time for some interpersonal relationships and engagements. GoFounders will optimize the analytics, behavioral investigations and data to make sound decisions for campaigns, which will lety one communicate more clearly and transparently.

  • Instant Attention and Personal Connections:

One of the most successful way to keep your customers engaged is to make them feel important. This can be very expensive and challenging as the human resource required a staff customer service activities 24/7. The smartest of companies are employing Artificial Intelligence-powered tools that use NLP or Natural Language Processing that can duplicate the experience of an human connection and provide instant attention.

  • Better Insights and Predictions:

Entrepreneurs will be able to track their customer data with the help of AI-powered tools. They can learn about their user’s behavioral patterns and can strategize accordingly. This will absolutely save time, money, and effort of the entrepreneurs.

  • Automated, Real-Time Personalized Experiences:

AI applications such as ChatBots are very reliable in communicating with founders who reach in sales funnel and can gather more data related to them to utilize in personalized marketing strategy. AI has the capability to deliver the skill to personalize customer experiences on a real-time basis on the data sets presented.

Currently, it has expanded over 100 countries and has 48,000 active members. These Founders have access to all the AI-powered digital tools and their benefits for free once the platform has been launched. Members can become the actual Founders and can only be registered by personal invitation through webinars or emails.

· Conclusion:

You can become a part of Team GoFounders in becoming a leader, which will inspire you to make critical decisions on your own, totally depending on the data analyzed using the AI-powered tools. You will also be capable of inspiring other invitees easily by highlighting how the company can transform their lives as well. Your online community with GoFounders can do a lot of great work. Your online community will increase your business’ visibility and, in turn, will increase your credibility. The network in the community will take you a very long way if you choose your network carefully. GoFounders believe in combining the right people (who have all sorts of amazing ideas) with the correct information (content that is on target and extremely effective); it is guaranteed that you will have a winning combination that will be a massive success for sure.

So, considering GoFounders as the most advanced Artificial Intelligence-powered digital tool won’t be false. This technologically advanced tool holds a solution to most of the problems faced by different industries. It can transform any low-profile online business into a successful one in no time. The involvement of this ultimate tool to reason, learn & solve problems has made it the perfect choice for not only big companies but also for any small or middle scale businesses too.

Let’s leave this decision for you all to decide. It is your business, your money, your time, and your effort, and there will be no one to make the best decision for you.

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