Uber Open-Sources Ludwig v0.3: The Third Update To Its Code-Free Deep Learning Toolbox Built On Top Of TensorFlow

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Uber Technologies uses machine learning models to perform a diversity of tasks, from improving our maps to streamlining chat communications and even preventing fraud. To manage and train and test those models, Uber uses a code-free platform called Ludwig.

Now, Uber open sources Ludwig 0.3, the third update to its code-free Deep Learning toolbox built on top of TensorFlow.

What is Uber Ludwig

Ludwig provides a set of model architectures that can be combined to create an end-to-end model optimized for a specific set of requirements. It does not require coding skills to train a model and use it. It’s thus easy-to-use and flexible.

Summary: https://www.marktechpost.com/2020/10/16/uber-open-sources-ludwig-v0-3-the-third-update-to-its-code-free-deep-learning-toolbox-built-on-top-of-tensorflow/

Github: https://ludwig-ai.github.io/ludwig-docs/?from=%40


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