Unity3D Machine Learning Agents Toolkit setup (Installation) in Windows (ml-agents)

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Unity3D Machine Learning Agents Toolkit setup (Installation) in Windows (ml-agents)

First of all install

  • Install Unity (2018.4 or later)
  • Install Python (3.6.1 or higher) Don’t go for Beta Version
  • Clone this repository (Optional) Or Download zip
git clone --branch release_1 https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/ml-agents.git
  • Install the com.unity.ml-agents Unity package
You can add the local com.unity.ml-agents package (from the repository that you just cloned) to our project by:1. Navigating to the menu Window -> Package Manager
2. In the package manager window click on the + button
3. Select Add package from disk..
4. Navigate into the com.unity.ml-agents folder.
5. Select the package.json file.
  • Install the mlagents Python package
pip3 install mlagents

After that open preloaded scenes available in files that you have downloaded from GitHub mentioned above.


Done you have successfully installed ML agents in Unity.