Up-to-date business knowledge in seconds with a cutting-edge AI app

Original article was published by BrightMeUp! on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

BrightMeUp!, an advanced information hub, eliminates research hours with a revolutionary meaning-based search engine, and the AI tool, Avatar that learns just like a human. Avatars have up-to-date knowledge on any topic users need: they learn, interpret, and select relevant articles — from a specialized database for professionals — to save time for users.

“The idea behind our product is simple: read what you need!” said Zoltán Uzonyi, Founder and CEO of Negentropics Software Plc. “We built our product around people’s information gathering needs instead of searching, they can focus on the actual problem that drew them to the topic in the first place.” — he added.

The AI innovation helps users to find the most relevant information in Fintech without any efforts. The main tools of the app are Avatar, Newsfeed, and Explore. Up-to-date news comes from selected, trusted sources of the FinTech world, powered by an innovative artificial intelligence tool — the Avatar. All the sources applied are based on recommendations by market leaders. Avatars, the virtual colleagues, display relevant news for specific FinTech topics in the user’s feed. BrightMeUp!’s technology development, Explore is a revolutionary meaning-based search engine that helps users to find accurate results. Users can use sentences, paragraphs, or even extremely long documents as search terms unlike in case of other search engines.

“The Avatar is steadily tracking, collecting, and browsing through the latest news in its topic based on the information it has learned. Once gathered, it displays only the relevant Fintech articles in your feed, saving you a lot of time and work.” — said Zoltán Uzonyi, Founder and CEO of Negentropics Software Plc.

Users for a limited time can sign up for free: all BrightMeUp! features are available on the desktop version. The essential app is also available on App Store and Google Play.