Upcoming talks on how AI is Saving our Planet’s Biodiversity

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

‘AI for Social Good’ is a theme where we’ve been putting deep learning to use, at Gramener. This is a topic that I’ve developed a strong interest in and is close to my heart. In partnership with the Microsoft AI for Earth team, we’ve taken up several exciting and socially meaningful projects over the past 2 years.

These revolve around use cases such as classification of Salmon species from underwater video cameras in a river in Washington, identification of endangered species from crowd-sourced pictures, spotting of African elephants from drone footage, and the counting of Antarctic penguins from camera trap images spanning years.

These are stories that must be told and shared widely, for two reasons. Firstly, the biodiversity crisis on our planet has reached alarming proportions and we may soon find many animals only in books or videos. Secondly, this is an area where AI has been put to use for real social good, without any focus on economic gains.

We’ve been publishing case studies on this work, are making public APIs that could be used by NGOs, and will be sharing the know-how so that all those interested can leverage this body of work. As part of this, I’ve signed up to speak in some upcoming events on this theme. Here is a current listing, which I maintain on my Website’s speaking section. I’ll be sharing the talk deck and videos after the events:

Here is a picture from my TEDx audition at Asbury Park, today.