Using Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Your Mental Health

Original article was published by Nikita Verma on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Using Artificial Intelligence to Monitor Your Mental Health

Artificial intelligence is not used just for labor purposes, but to monitor the health and wellness of human beings. A.I, may not be realized by the average person using it that it is in fact, A.I. One may ask what purpose A.I.’s would serve for the health of humans; how would they be able to monitor these types of things that sometimes we are not able to monitor ourselves?

The company Biobeats created a system, using artificial intelligence to be a stress reliever application. Biobeats “takes in data from the wearable and processes it through a home-built artificial intelligence platform.” But again, why would we need this?

We would need an application such as Biobeats is providing for various reasons. It is in a company’s greatest interest to make sure that their employees do not become sick or overworked from an avoidable cause, so it’s very important to monitor that with this type of preventable healthcare. The first being for employers to keep track of the mental health of their employees. The data collected would be given to the department of human resources and from there, the department would then be able to analyze the data provided and then allocate appropriate jobs to each employee. Based on the wellness and the criteria of the employees. Another reason we would be able to utilize an application such as Biobeats would be because in human nature, whether we realize it or not, we want to keep our mental health sharp and well, and with an application such as this, it will be simple to do so. “Using this data, it can understand if the stress levels of a person and can warn if he nears fatigue or burns out.” This data is also able to monitor stress and keep track of one’s stress levels. This allows an individual to reflect on events that happened throughout their days, weeks, months, and even years and look at the trends of what causes them the most stress (or not) and assist themselves to be better. This type of artificial intelligence may not even be recognized on a day to day basis.

As of 2017, Biobeats was present on iTunes and had raised over $2.28 million dollars. Biobeats use their advanced technology to assist in creating a better environment for the working class every day that they can.

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