VAANGO — AI and Facial Recognition for the Built World

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VAANGO — AI and Facial Recognition for the Built World

Enabling people to experience AI in the built world, through facial recognition and computer vision products.

The Problem

Every business has visitors (when they’re not closed during COVID). It is mandatory for most businesses to keep track of who enters and exits their premises from a security standpoint. Entry and exit for returning visitors is a frustrating experience in most cases, even today. It turns out that this problem exists for many other settings including residences, government establishments and pretty much any place where people enter and exit.

What The Company Does

Hartford-based VAANGO has responded to these challenges with three things in mind: to save time, to give users the best possible experience and to have zero compromise on security. They created an AI-based platform with two main solutions. First is what they call their “SMART Desk” to manage front desks. Second, “Face Check,” uses existing cameras to track people movement in buildings/spaces.

Business Model

Their products are offered on a subscription model and are available on the cloud (SAAS) or on premise. Pricing of VAANGO products starts at 99$/Entrance/Month making it highly affordable and moves upwards depending on various parameters.

The Market

According to the VAANGO team, the global surveillance and security monitoring industry is valued at $47 Billion, while it is starved of intelligent connected solutions. Their target portion of this is Class A commercial buildings and businesses with over 50 employees, which represents nearly $1B of the market, as reported by the VANNGO team.


Stanley Black and Decker is a customer in India and uses the VANNGO system in two cities. They have been working with Lenel S2, a leader in security, to integrate VANGO with access control systems, including development of a parking garage system and residential space.

Founding Team Background

Bharadwaj PV is Co-Founder and CEO. Bharadwaj is responsible for product design, product marketing and sales. Senthil Kumar VC is Co-Founder and CTO.

What They Need Help With

VAANGO is looking for intros to potential customers, partners and strategic investors who can help them grow. Connect with the VAANGO team.

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