Very Artificial Poetry #10

Original article was published by Alex Moltzau 莫战 on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

They talked of simulations
Whether we were in one
The weather was nice
We were sitting on benches
In a circle of roses.

We talked of intelligence and consciousness.
I looked at my friends and wondered why.
I did not want to lie. I said: “No I don’t think so.”
The arguments were far reaching.
Beseeching — preaching, leaning in to listen.

Listening device, my ear, hear hear.
Dear friend, be more unaware.
Clearing my throat, in a way I loathe.
Particularly in pandemic times.
Coughing is a crime.
Bittersweet lime.
Make lemons.

Talking of new beginnings and apocalypse,

all in the same breath.

A breath of fresh air.

Hear hear.

I may not or you may not care.
Carelessness we must address.
Suited up in blue.
Consulting on false or true.

Truth or dare.

In a circle of roses.