Voca.ai: Building the Contact Center of the Future with Voice AI

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Voca.ai: Building the Contact Center of the Future with Voice AI

Voca.ai is excited to announce a strategic investment from American Express Ventures, with continued support from our existing investors lool ventures and Flint Capital.

At Voca.ai, we are building the contact center of the future with our award-winning, human artificial intelligence (AI) virtual agents, called Voca Agents. Leveraging conversational voice AI technology, our virtual agents combine human expertise and AI capabilities to transform the way businesses interact with customers within their call centers.

The new funding will be used to help accelerate product development and extend our virtual agent service to new sectors, use cases and languages.

The role of AI in today’s call center industry (and what’s missing)

In the past few years, businesses have started leveraging AI within their customer contact centers. From pre-recorded informational messages to online chatbots, businesses are augmenting human agents with software or machines to automate tasks and improve overall customer service.

Combining conversational voice AI with the needs of contact centers in the twenty-first century promises to take call center service to a whole new dimension. Gartner predicts that 15% of all customer service interactions will be handled completely by AI by 2021.

Customer experience should be a top priority for any business. However, while it might seem simple from a consumer perspective, too often companies fail to deliver the basic information and the experiences customers expect and need. As consumers become more open to interacting with AI, they still ultimately want to feel like they are talking to someone that understands their needs.

That’s where Voca.ai comes in.

Transforming the customer experience with voice AI

At Voca.ai, we are transforming the customer experience within the call center industry with our natural-sounding, human AI virtual agents that are customer friendly, empathetic and designed for the voice-first revolution.

Our ground-breaking approach to natural language processing technology replicates human experience in two-way conversation to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers. While other virtual agents use speech-to-text, then process text to communicate with customers, Voca’s speech-to-intent technology is built for voice to replicate human experience in two-way, intent-based conversation.

Voca Agents can adjust the voice, language, accent, pitch and tone, as well as its responses to provide customers with a pleasant, helpful and human-like experience, instead of having robotic exchanges that lack empathy and natural language.

Boasting high IQ and EQ, our virtual agents can handle multiple calls politely and efficiently, learn new use cases quickly, and always make sure customers feel listened to and understood.

Helping businesses in the pursuit of call center excellence

Voca’s human AI virtual agents are providing businesses with a new set of tools to wield in the pursuit of call center excellence.

Voca Agents provide businesses with natural-sounding, reliable conversational agents, freeing up human customer service representatives to handle more complex requests and cut the amount of time that every caller has to wait until their question is answered. Since Voca Agents handle routine calls and execute seamless hand-overs, this frees up human agents for high-volume or more complex conversations.

We launched Voca Agents in 2018, and are currently serving more than 2 million calls per month for a diverse range of use cases, across a variety of industries, to help boost productivity, improve customer loyalty and increase sales. Financial institutions, lenders, credit card providers and insurance companies are all using Voca Agents for customer acquisition, payments and collections, servicing and more.

I’m extremely proud of Voca.ai and the work this team is doing to build and bring to market natural-sounding, human AI virtual agents that are designed for the voice-first revolution. Over the last year, we launched Voca Agents for English and Spanish-speaking markets, expanded our customer base, grew the team from 3 to 23 at our office in Heraliya, Israel, and won 5 different awards from around the world recognizing Voca.ai as a leader in technology innovation.

This funding is a tremendous milestone and we look forward to bringing Voca Agents to new markets, while continuing to advance our conversational AI technology as we transform the way businesses interact with their customers in the contact center of the future.

To experience Voca Agents in action, visit www.voca.ai.