VP AI Thought-Leaders Get Together to Talk About the Future

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VP AI Thought-Leaders Get Together to Talk About the Future

Image by The Data Standard

The Data Standard (https://datastandard.io/) hosted their inaugural Community Workshop zoom event where data scientists and data engineers came together to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas in the emerging field of data science technology. Our host Darren Kaplan led and introduced each company representative managing each room.

The three workshops presented were: AI Readiness, Hackish-athon, and AI Connectivity. Each of these rooms were moderated by Data Science thought-leaders in their specified workshop fields. This event was sold out twice as we opened up more space for attendees. We want to thank our sponsor Pandio, the number one Apache Pulsar distributive messaging system.

Here are the highlights from the Workshop:

Room 1: AI Readiness

The first room was AI Readiness hosted by Josh Odmark and Patrick Bangert. Josh Odmark is the CTO founder at Pandio where he works on integrating neural networks into Apache Pulsar for their distributive messaging system. Patrick Bangert is the Vice President of AI at Samsung SDS America where he directs the AI Engineering team to optimize product efficiency and capabilities.

For this room they spoke about how ready an individual/company is to implement AI into the workspace. There are four points which must be checked to be ready for AI: organizational structure, clear definition of task, obtaining the data, and cleaning the data.

Room 2: Hackish-athon

This room was hosted by Catherine Tao, Stephanie Moore, and Eugene Hayden. Catherine and Stephanie are both data scientists at The Data Standard. In addition to this, Catherine is an executive producer of The Data Standard Audio Experience and Stephanie is a technical writer. Eugene Hayden is a business intelligence and analytics manager at the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) where he manages growth strategy initiatives while using enhanced analytics dashboards such as Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Microsoft Power BI to show complexed visualizations.

They spoke about tips and tricks to increase one’s network during COVID-19 where all networking is essentially virtual. Catherine and Stephanie showed a hack in the form of a questionnaire which provided feedback for ways to improve networking skills and performance. There were also data visualizations shown by using a LinkedIn dataset to show attendees current trends for the data related job market.

Eugene provided a dashboard which showed visualizations as to where the hiring hubs are within the US. This is a highly informative dashboard to help build one’s network. He emphasized the importance of networking with others and not expecting anything in return because the opportunity of networking will follow.

Room 3: AI Connectivity

The final room was AI Connectivity hosted by Ali Bouhouch and Matt Rall. Ali Bouhouch is the Chairman of the Board at the Good Factory while Matt Rall is an AI and ML Implementation Expert of Apache Pulsar for Pandio.

For this room they spoke about operationalizing AI models to predict customer behavior online. But before going through engagement on the CTO side, there needs to be a clear understanding of the expected business outcome. There was also a discussion on the importance of collaboration within an organization. For example, it is important for data scientists, architects, engineers, etc to all collaboratively engage to understand feedback and suggestions from everyone. This optimizes the workspace experience which drives to more efficient, accurate outcomes.


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