We are all in this!!!

Original article was published on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

From the books and our elders, we read and heard that seeing some popular person of those times use to make them feel excited and that memory would last with them for once lifetime. But as we come to 20th century of the late times where digitization came into our lives, we see people getting autographs of their favorite popular persons and that memory which they considered to be much more everlasting.

But as digitization evolved by, now in the present 21st century what we see are of photographs with their favorite popular persons. There are all creating patterns of generation change and the authenticity check. By which what I mean to say is people are more into showcasing themselves as an authentication that they met so and so popular person so that the opposite person receiving the message would believe more and create an act of praise.

So, this is not the only scenario that people consider utmost, but the modernization has bought many things and changes of authenticity where majority of us started believing that materialistic is truer than the non materialistic memories and things. For which now we are more dependent on Artificial Intelligence (AI) rather than believing in persons trust and self-trust.

For instance, majority of us have this habit of taking screenshots as a showcase of proof! Well this happens to be from photos or proposals of or to a person and which brings up to recording a call of a person or recording a video of their popular person passing by. Although the mindset of people is somewhat same from the latest 18th century to the present 21st century where there use to be created fictional stories and now, we see morphed photographs and edited recordings.

The point may not be this but are we more depending on Artificial Technology rather then on the data of our brains! We are more tuned to believe in written and recorded technology rather than the in-person information that is given. We started turning our mobile phones/Laptops into a part of our brain and move closer to the advertisements and suggestions provided by the websites/applications which the AI is learning one’s patters of life and making us more attracted to the materialistic things.

Although everyone may not be on the same page, where once self-belief and better usability of technology may differ from others. But as we see this may not be the same with everyone, where some need to start thinking on how to change things so that they don’t continue to be in the trap of materialism. This may not be totally correct but the whole point is how well are we authenticating one’s memories which are in their brains rather then materialistic memories stored in the data centers.

The circulation of information is as fast as light, but that information may be capturing you and attracting in the trap of infinite scrolling on mobile phones which is more of making your Mobiles or Laptops controlling you instead of we the people we need to control them. Hope this small message helps us in realizing the fact that we are the ones who needs to control ourselves and authenticate ourselves!!!