We are always in solitude in our parallel universe.

Source: Deep Learning on Medium

The choice of staying alone is just not romantic but also the most essential phase one ought to go through. As contradictory to the popular belief propounded by naysayers and losers, such an active solitude has a scope to strengthen, rather than to dwindle, the invisible thread that connects all of us. The human thought thrives in a particular state of mind: it is the ability to stay calm, sit in a room or think of a hilltop, and do nothing. It is built, cell by cell, breath by breath. Nourished by unadulterated introspection and rigours meditation. The state of isolation enhances empathy, compassion, sensitivity and presumably universal love. A state of non-duality.

And yet the choice to stay unaccompanied, at least for some time in life, is treated with scepticism, apprehension, and even worse: contempt. Countless minds were fascinated by silence; by what happens to the human mind and spirit in such a state of soundlessness. To identity your actual personality when all the talking stops is an astonishing experience. Into that enormous space of emptiness, which resides in own your mind, is pleasantly fascinating a journey. But sadly so, silence is a lost cultural phenomenon. If I remain silent, I am either lost in that moment or depressed forever. If I seek to stay single, I am not clinically pathological.

Just think of this: has there been a single transformation that hasn’t gone through the narrow tunnel of solitude, surrounded by silence on all sides? Ah! A thing of beauty, silence is. And a joy forever. She was. Touched and experienced by numerous blessed individuals in the past that came out as different — if not transformed, personalities. The gains of the journey far outweigh the pains. The combine good solitude has produced, by blossoming the human mind is too huge and invaluable to be even countered by stray cases of crime and chances of induced intoxication by pot and other agents.

I always imagine this. The cosmos, within and outside the mind, flows as a small, silent stream, but with infinite energy and unlimited potential. It’s just that everybody should remain quiet and sit next patently. And simply listen. In a society that conveniently universalises marriage as a way of life, the very thought of solitude is a blasphemy. It translates to selfishness, insensitivity, and sometimes even insanity. At times, I am asked: don’t you get bored by staying alone in a room? To which, with all humility, I answer: I don’t even know whatever that means. My response, which is of course seen as denial of reality, is held against me to prove the case: you think you’re happy but… you know? Actually you don’t.

Carefully put together, I can sense no logical fallacy in the polemic. In fact, it could translate into the next commandment. It’s just that the phenomena doesn’t hold well in this parallel universe. But I can relate this to an argument (read pitch) put forward by a desperate insurance agent: You think you’re fine but. If you know what he means.

And if only you knew what I had ever meant. Thou shall not commit a logical fallacy.