We asked AI what it thinks about the Baltics and this is what happened…

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We asked AI what it thinks about the Baltics and this is what happened…

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Catching up with new developments in the field of Machine Learning could be a full-time job in itself. When it comes to the Natural Language Processing branch of ML, the speed of new models and approaches coming out is even more overwhelming. Therefore, at Riga Data Science club after some hours of diving into the deep end of reading NLP research papers, we decided to have some fun with GPT-2.

GPT-2 is “a large-scale unsupervised language model” developed by Open-AI as a successor to their GPT (2018) and the famous “Unsupervised Sentiment Neuron” paper from 2017. In essence, GPT-2 predicts the next word in a sentence, given all the previous words in the text you feed it. Among the most impressive features of this model, is text generation or as the authors frame it “the ability to generate conditional synthetic text samples of unprecedented quality, where we prime the model with an input and have it generate a lengthy continuation.”

Inspired by the beautiful long summer days we are currently experiencing in the Baltics, we asked GPT-2 to tell us it’s thoughts about Latvia, it’s capital Riga as well as our two Baltic sisters Lithuania and Estonia. Here are some of the best results we’ve got with the text prompt in bold, followed by the generated text:

The best thing about Latvia is the sun. It rises at 6:30 in the morning and sets at 5:30 in the afternoon. No need to go to work at 5:00. I’m a health nut, so I love that. I work out, and I drink too much…I like a nice tall beer. And I’m pretty active so I often go to the beach. There is no shortage of beautiful beaches in Latvia. You can rent bikes, mop the sidewalks, sit on the ground and read. It’s a great place to live..

The best thing about Riga is that it’s not a big city with a lot of tourists. I had a great experience there , because I stayed in a hotel for two nights , and I couldn’t have asked for more. And what was my surprise? I had a very nice reception from the staff , and there were a lot of very friendly locals. I went to a restaurant and saw lots of people enjoying themselves, even though it was very cold.

I really love Vilnius, because it is a beautiful city and for all its charm, I don’t think anything can be more beautiful than Vilnius. I think you cannot go wrong with this place because there are so many things about it, all very romantic, very rich, and very beautiful. It is not only the city that is wonderful, but the country as well.

The great thing about Estonia is that people from all over the world are here. We have beautiful, responsible people who will change the way people dress, culture and try to make our lives better. We know what it means to work in Estonia. We are proud to live it in the spirit of independence. The beautiful, successful Estonian women who immigrated here will change your life. Don’t think again. Become a citizen of Estonia today.

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