Weather Forecast Industry using Artificial Intelligence to help Governments to be ready

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Weather Forecast Industry using Artificial Intelligence to help Governments to be ready

Weather forecasting is one of the industries that have always relied on data in order to make predictions. In the past years, the meteorologists had to analyze all of the available data themselves, a thing that sometimes led errors and false warnings. However, today this industry has seen a digital transformation that made its predictions more accurate. Artificial Intelligence has been implemented in recent years in weather forecasting and is widely used by other industries, such as agriculture.

However, the weather is unpredictable and sometimes can cause disasters. There are many instances when severe weather was the cause of the disasters of cities and the loss of human lives. In fact, every year there is at least one deadly natural phenomenon. For this reason, it has become essential for governments to use machine learning as a tool to improve weather forecasting. Consulting with an AI expert can help any government be prepared for any natural disaster, thus saving people and money.

Data Analysis for Pattern Recognition

Weather forecasting is a challenging process that demands the real-time processing of a huge amount of data. The Artificial Intelligence that is used for this purpose has a built-in algorithm that uses mathematical problems, as well as computational problem-solving methods. These methods process a huge amount of data, that is generated by forecasting satellites, and makes generalized predictions on the expected weather.

This Artificial Intelligence system can be combined with machine learning and deep learning in order to be able to recognize the patterns in the weather. By training the machine learning system with historical data, it can predict when the severe phenomena are accumulating. Governments can then use this prediction in order to take protective measures. In extreme cases, they might even call for evacuation of the areas in danger.

Combination of the Data in Order to Highlight Shortages

At the same time as weather prediction, the Artificial Intelligence system can also analyze various data from the area that will suffer from the severe method. These data will underline any potential issues that might occur, from electricity to supply shortages. The sooner the governments are aware of these dangers, the sooner they will be able to react and help the citizens. The Artificial Intelligence system can provide this information in just a short amount of time.

Recognize Climate Alterations

Climate change has become very apparent in recent years. Scientists have developed a number of methods that are used to predict climate alterations. However, the results that these methods produce can significantly vary from each other. Up until now, scientists have reported climate change as an average of all those results. This practice is flawed because taking an average means that all the methods have the same weight. Artificial Intelligence can evaluate the models used for the calculation of climate change and so assign different values to every method. This will give more accurate results, helping scientists and governments prepare for what’s to come.

Natural disasters have always been a great cause of suffering and loss. With Artificial Intelligence though, governments can now predict and prepare for any disaster.