WEBINAR ALERT! AI in Social Commerce: How to Leverage Predictive Data for Visual Content

Original article can be found here (source): Artificial Intelligence on Medium

Have you ever wished that a magic 8-ball could help you make creative decisions? You’re not alone. In the deep expanse of social media, trends come and go at lightning speed and investing in new visual styles with no guaranteed outcome can be risky. Striking a balance between content that is on brand, on trend, and optimized for engagement and conversions seems like an impossible task. The good news is: it’s possible — it just takes a little tech.

If you’ve never been acquainted, meet Vision, Dash Hudson’s visual intelligence tool. It knows how your photos will perform before they ever hit social media — and it’s a game changer. Vision analyzes images and predicts how your audience will react to them based on subject, composition, color palette, texture, setting, and more. When you upload visual content to your library, it takes these characteristics and uses them to rank new images against the historic engagement you’ve received from your unique community.

Join Marie La France, our executive director of corporate strategy, as she discusses the importance of AI technology for brands on social media. You’ll learn how to streamline the process of sharing visuals online — from the ideation to publishing phase — by leveraging predictive data.

Does a product shot or an action shot convert more customers? Is a blue color palette more effective than a red one? Get answers to your burning visual marketing questions and discover how to action those insights through the latest industry data and real-world examples from some of the savviest brands on social.

Registration for the webinar is available now. ⭐

Where: Cosmetic Executive Women’s website

When: April 7th, 1:00–1:30 pm EST