Webinar replay — Artificial intelligence: the promise of a new era

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Webinar replay — Artificial intelligence: the promise of a new era

Artificial intelligence, the promise of a new era

Artificial intelligence: the birth of a new era. This macro-technology will shake up our daily habits but will also transform our approach to employment and economic relations.

Experts believe that artificial intelligence will create value in all sectors, and that to achieve this value-add it is fundamental to include the whole of humanity in the development of the technology. Contrary to preconceptions artificial intelligence, is expected to make us freer and more human. This will however only be possible if we invest in its development and keep up the momentum.

We recently had a live webinar session hosted by Badr Boussabat, Economist, Political Scientist, Entrepreneur and Author of “L’intelligence artificielle: notre meilleur espoir” (2020) were he shared his vision on the radiant future made possible by artificial intelligence with us.

Watch the summary of the webinar below, which touches upon these 3 main points:

1. Amazon : AI for finance — Reverse banking era.

2. Miracle of information with AI — will help board of directors to take more effective decisions.

3. Inclusion — AI development within a cognitive system may increase inclusion within society.

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