WEEK 6: Malaria Parasite Classification

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WEEK 6: Malaria Parasite Classification

Hi everyone! This week we have come to the last week of our project. The previous week, we have implemented the ResNet-18 model and we had some results. This week, we implemented the AlexNet model.

AlexNet Results

First of all, we tested our dataset with pre-trained AlexNet model. And we compared to randomly chosen images’ real and predict labels.



We achieved a result which is average success accuracy of %50.11 and the average loss of 0.0978. When we test our dataset, the batchsize is 8.

Later, we have trained the AlexNet model with our dataset. Our hyperparameters like that:

  • batch size = 8
  • epoch num = 7
  • optimizer = SGD , momentum = 0.9
  • learning rate = 0.001
  • Loss function = CrossEntropyLoss