Welcome to Fiddler HQ

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Our Zen Space

Hello world to the Fiddler HQ! We’ve officially moved into our cozy new digs in Mountain View where we welcomed our new team.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at our office warming this week! It takes a village to build a community and we’re just getting started.

So what does it take a location to qualify for Fiddler HQ in the crazy Bay Area market? Glad you asked!

  • Proximity to the Caltrain: Transit access was a key requirement to help employees have the best commute. It allows to attract talent from SF all the way to the South Bay. Guess what – we’re only a block from the MV Caltrain.
  • Large collaborative space: We wanted everyone to be seated together in big open space to spur ideas and conversations. Even though this might sound obvious, a lot of available office spaces were set up as small separate spaces creating partitioned teams.
  • Warm, Inviting and Inspiring: We wanted a space that every one on the team looks forward to coming in every day. Our design-on-a-dime decor captures a chic, trendy yet whimsical side while our wall of windows brings in a ton of natural light and inspiration from the dynamic downtown activity.

Here are some photos from our office warming.

p.s. we’re hiring (more about us here
p.p.s we’re a block from MV Caltrain :)