What AI Techniques Can Be Found In Samsung’s Ballie?

Source: Deep Learning on Medium


We will kick things off with the detection abilities within Ballie.

From the demo video, we can derive the types of detection systems that are implemented within Ballie’s embedded AI.

  • Object Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Change Detection

Object Detection and Recognition

Ballie is capable of detecting humans, and these detection capabilities extend to animals as well.

We could go further and state that Ballie’s detection system is widely robust.

For it to be as practical as depicted in the demo video, it has to be able to recognize a variety of household items.

That’s a lot of training data!

Before we go further, let’s define what object detection is.

Object detection is incorporated within Computer Vision and outlines a system’s ability to recognize the presence and location of the desired target within an image.

The output of an object detection process is an image with bounding boxes around the objects of interest and an indication as to the class instance of objects — this is seen in the pictures below.