What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence?

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What are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence?

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Artificial Intelligence or AI is creating machines that can think. It is one kind of intelligence of machines. The notion to create AI is to make humans lives easier and simpler. Researchers of AI want to bring in the emotional quotient to the machines with the general intelligence.

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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is complicated. It uses a very complex mix of computer science, maths, and other complicated sciences.

1. Reduction in error:

AI helps people in reducing the error and the chance of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of delicacy. It’s applied in various studies like the exploration of space.

Intelligent robots are fed with data and they are sent to explore space. Since they’re machines with metal bodies, they’re more resistant and have a greater ability to endure the space and hostile atmosphere.

2. Difficult Exploration:

AI and the science of robotics are often put to use in mining and other fuel exploration processes. Not only this but these complex machines are often used for exploring the ocean floor.

3. Daily Application:

Computed methods for automated reasoning, learning and perception became a common phenomenon in our daily lives. We’ve our lady Siri or Cortana to assist us out. Artificial Intelligence is widely employed by financial institutions and banking institutions to arrange and manage data. Detection of fraud uses AI in a smart card-based system.

4. Repetitive Jobs:

Repetitive jobs that are monotonous are often administered with the assistance of machine intelligence. Machines think faster than humans and it can perform multitasking. Machine intelligence is often employed to hold out dangerous tasks. Their parameters are not like humans, can be adjusted. Their speed & time are calculation based parameters only.

5. Medical Applications:

In the medical field as well, we’ll find the wide application of AI. Doctors assess the patients and their health risks with the assistance of artificial machine intelligence. It educates them about the side effects of different medicines.

Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence :

1. High Cost:

The creation of AI needs huge costs as their very complex machines. Their repair and maintenance require huge costs.

2. No Replicating Humans:

Intelligence is believed to be a present of nature. An ethical clash continues, whether human intelligence is to be replicated or not.

3. No Improvement with Experience:

Unlike humans, AI can’t be improved with experience. With time, it can cause wear and tear. It stores a ton of data but the way it can be used is extremely different from human intelligence.

4. No Original Creativity:

These aren’t the forte of AI. While they can assist you to design and make, they are no match to the aptitude of thinking that the human brain has or even the originality of a genius mind.

5. Unemployment:

Replacement of humans with machines can cause large-scale unemployment. Unemployment is a socially dreadful phenomenon. People with nothing to do can cause destructive use of their minds.

Humans can unnecessarily be highly hooked into the machines if the use of AI becomes rampant. They will going to lose their creative power and may become lazy.