What Are the Main Types of Artificial Intelligence?

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What Are the Main Types of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is divided in various types. Mainly this is divided into two type which is based on functionality and capabilities of AI.

Based on Capabilities:

1. Weak AI or Narrow AI:

In this type of AI, we are able to perform a dedicated task with intelligence. This is most common and currently used AI.

Narrow AI is only trained for one specific task. It can’t perform beyond its limited area. Hence it is also termed as weak AI. It can fail in unpredictable ways if goes beyond its limits.

For ex- Apple siri, IBM’s Watson super computer, playing chess, suggestions on e-Commerce sites, self-driving cars, and speech and image recognition.

2. General AI:

The general AI make such a system which could be smarter and think human by its own like a human. The worldwide researchers are now focusing on development of machines with General AI.

3. Super AI:

Super AI is a level of intelligence of systems at which machines could surpass human intelligence, and could perform any tasks better than any human. It can be an output of general AI.

Super AI is still under development mode. Development of such system in reality is still a challenging task.

Based on Functionality:

1. Reactive Machines:

Purely reactive machines are the most basic types of Artificial Intelligence. This AI systems do not store memories or any past experiences for future actions. These machines focus on current scenarios and react in the best possible manner.

For ex- IBM’s Deep Blue system and Google’s AlphaGo

2. Limited Memory

Limited memory can store past experiences or some data for a short period of time.

For ex- Self driving cars

3. Theory of Mind:

Theory of Mind should understand the human emotions, people beliefs and are able to interact socially like humans.

4. Self awareness:

Self-awareness AI is the future of AI. These machines will be super intelligent and will have their own consciousness, sentiments, and self-awareness. These machines will be smarter than human mind. Today Self-Awareness AI does not exist as this is a hypothetical concept.