What ASIAN MARKET CAP Offers to the Cryptocurrency Sphere?

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What ASIAN MARKET CAP Offers to the Cryptocurrency Sphere?

Are you looking for a trusted and accurate source for cryptocurrency market capitalization, pricing and real-time information?

Do you want to have a more reliable cryptocurrency pricing forecast within the next three days?

Do you want to have up-to-date notifications of all market data from various exchanges utilizing our Ai-based verification and data clearing algorithms which ensure data integrity and data accuracy?

Then you are in the right place. See real-time price and volume of your favorite cryptocurrencies in one page.

Got some listing needs for your projects?

List your coins/tokens in AsianMarketCap!

AsianMarketCap aims to provide an accurate and transparent open-data to the cryptocurrency community which allows users to form their own conclusions and interpretations based on the market.

Built on the principles of Satoshi Nakamoto, which aims to provide a free, non-controlled data, Asian Market Cap uses Artificial Intelligence technology to generate real and accurate information to the users.

Soft launched in August 2019, Asian Market Cap serves as a major go-to website and independent data center for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Market where price calculation will be done by our Ai and Machine learning algorithms beating the existing cryptocurrency price trackers in the market like coinmarketcap.com and the like.

By listing your coin in AMC, we’ll make certain that suspicious trading activity or even completely fake trading volumes won’t take place. We do want to gain back the full trust and confidence of the cryptocurrency community through supporting the development of the digital token ecosystem, with a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence technology through which they can build a strong community of supporters.

Getting listed in AMC is a big deal, with that, we take our role very seriously. We just don’t list any token or coin; we strive to include only legitimate projects with strong community interest.

Should you wish to avail our listing services, please check and fill in the form found in our website, https://www.asianmarketcap.com/

AMC and team will be more than glad to discuss the necessary details with you and start the process right away.

To learn more about us, visit our website: https://www.asianmarketcap.com/

Email us: listing@asianmarketcap.com

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