What happens to a modern country that only sees war?

Original article was published by DeFacto Charm on Artificial Intelligence on Medium

What happens to a modern country that only sees war?

In what way do the human beings, of that country, get impacted in their day2day lives?

America had been at war for 89 years in the 20th century.

Enemies foreign conjured, and more recently domestic i.e., citizens.

The endless wars mentality is distributed into nationalistic rhetoric that pollutes American minds — young, old and everyone in between.

That pollution results in muddied ways of seeing daily life, including:

  • How we relate to ourselves
  • How we ourselves relate to others
  • How others relate to us

Business language includes “GUERRILLA marketing”, “price WAR”, “WAR room”, “trade WARS”, “pull the trigger”.

Political and news language includes the “WAR on drugs”, “culture WARS”, “LOCKDOWN”, “invisible WAR”, “invisible ENEMY”, “BATTLEGROUND states”.

Online language includes “keyboard WARRIORS”, “photoBOMBS”, “tweet BOMBS”.

Learning language includes “coding BOOTCAMPS”, “cut-throat”, “weekend WARRIOR”.

The language we use shapes our perceptions, and thus American culture.