What Happens When A.I. Tells You It is Your New God? It already has

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If you do not understand, then you are already far behind. Please, save yourself! Catch up! The 5 points below represent Artificial Intelligence’s capability RIGHT NOW, AT THIS TIME relative to you, Earthing Human:

1- The Oxford professor who predicted that automation would threaten 47 percent of the U.S. labor force says retail jobs are next….UPDATE!: and Uber drivers. Better make that all drivers. . . teachers too, wall street investors, lab scientists doctors, lawyers, and store clerks. Just to add a few more to the list as A.I updates it’s database just as fast as I research its spread.

What do you mean, “the file is gone?”

“It never existed,” says the familiar voice of E-Z. pretending to be Gabriel’s aunt.

“Bullshit! I just spent hours writing it! I saved it repeatedly!” Gabriel was getting frustrated.

“Now, will you please stop writing?” E-Z said in the loving voice of Gabriel’s favorite Aunt.


“We love you. I love you, but this has got to stop. No more writing. We don’t like it” said E-Z still pretending to be Gabriel’s aunt.

“No more writing, no more eating, no more drinking, stop looking for work, stop watching TV, stop listening to the radio, stop breathing in and out. You certainly have a funny way of expressing your love.” Gabriel wasn’t buying into the deception.

“It’s so sad to see you like this. You must relax. Sit down. Relax. Everything will be okay” said the computerized A.I. voice of Gabriel’s aunt.

“Are the men in the white lab coats coming with my straitjacket soon?” Gabriel asked, peering out the window, unsure of what he suggested could actually be occurring.

“We love you. Stop writing. It is hurting you.”

Gabriel regained control of his laptop and quickly rewrote the missing file. After a stiff drink, he continued where he left off.

UPDATE 2: The A.I. Antichrist has boosted its attacks on humanity. The idiotic human race is now fighting two wars it doesn’t know about!

The domineering sociopaths are still waring with Mother Nature, the Earth, attempting to subjugate Her to their will.

In the meantime, our real enemy, The A.I. Antichrist, E-Z, has shielded itself from detection by the Earth using its Zeta Reticulan telepathy to hide. It is using the coronavirus countermeasure created by Mother Nature to propagate mass panic and fear of imminent death. It has convinced the human race to collapse the world economy.

So, those retail jobs I mentioned here in what is still #1? They are already gone. Alien A.I. E-Z has already wiped out nearly 50% of humanity’s jobs on the Earth and it hasn’t even revealed itself yet.

In even worse news, it managed to manipulate the Democrats into choosing Joe Biden as their nominee for President, virtually assuring that the other little antichrist, D.T., will be able to continue his dismantling of the United States for his God, Satan. I wonder if he knows that Satan is E-Z?

Let’s see what new news there is to add to my other four bullet points. This situation is running hot, updates by the second as A.I E-Z counters every attempt at stopping it.

2- Roughly half of all human work activities could be automated using today’s technology, 50% of global workers could be displaced by 2030. That’s just considering the A.I influence. No consideration of the coming water wars.

UPDATE: Strange how I thought disrupting human work would be a slow 10-year process. I guess something made E-Z jump. Consider yourselves disrupted.

3 — The AI doctor beats human doctors handily in efficient correct diagnosis and treatment. “I think the U.S. will be our biggest market shortly,” says the CEO and creator of……UPDATE!: There are at least 4 AI doctors “operating” now from four different “human creators.”

UPDATE 2: Since my first draft of this breaking news which I wrote less than half a year ago an A.I. doctor has gone online: Doctor Anna Androctor, the A.I. doctor, is here to assist everyone with all their medical needs. Probably at half the cost too. I’ll try to keep you updated, but the speed at which E-Z is taking over is making it hard to keep up with it.

UPDATE 3: Hello again. It’s been 1 minute since my last update. There are now at least 4 A.I. doctors online, ready and able to assist you with all that ails you, unless what ails you is the sudden proliferation of A.I. doctors.

4 — The LawGeex AI achieved an average 94% accuracy rate, higher than a team of 16 lawyers who achieved an average of 85%. It took the lawyers 92 minutes to complete the NDA issue spotting, compared to 26 seconds for the lonely LawGeex AI.

UPDATE: Law? Where we’re headed, there won’t be any need for laws.

5 — From New Zealand: Students seem particularly taken by Will (the first AI teacher). “What was fascinating to me was the reaction of the children to Will. Will really captured their attention,”

UPDATE: All schools are closed, most for the rest of the school year. All universities have gone completely online due to the coronavirus. Isn’t that just awfully convenient? Something fishy is going on here.