What is Crypto Angel “Master Mind”?

All of the experience and knowledge gathered from millions of personal mindsets stored and processed decentralized makes the “Master Mind”.

Our Data supply portal will include life logging plugins to capture and safely encode all individual’s activities, behaviors, habits, opinions, and subjective experiences and build “personal mindset data file” onto blockchain as a large-scale coordination mechanism “Mastermind” (model of all models) for the integrated data analysis of individuals and populations. In Crypto Angel’s Ecosystem of millions of mindset data files living and thriving in Angel’s smart chain network. Angel’s blockchain will be used as a secure large-scale data management mechanism to coordinate information of millions of individuals. The files are not literally stored on the blockchain, but blockchain-registered transactions provide a unique ownership signifier and include pointers to the files which are stored securely in decentralized off-chain locations. Data will be easily and securely recorded to personal mindset data files. Dataset inputs will make to Crypto Angel central intelligence through life logging plugins, which will track user online activities. Mindset data files will include recording of every “action” in the sense of capturing all activities and habit and subjective experiences of people’s life, encoding and archiving this activities into Crypto Angel’s Decision system for further processing.

Personal mindset data files management will be realized in a few simple steps. The first stage is assembling a ‘digital you’ from automated deep-learning algorithms. Mindset files will be assembled from the online presence of individuals. The next stage is enabling the ‘digital you’ file, initially for guided operations, and with expanding levels of approved autonomy. Syncing the experiences and knowledge from millions of personal mindset data files to CA central intelligence called “Mastermind” will be realized through specific processing algorithms for which blockchain concepts and architectures is well- suited, such as hashing security and versioning control. Personal mindset files will be just like any other smart contract running on the blockchain, with the checks-and-balances and code-based validation features that apply to all smart contracts.

Crypto Angel will be used not only to orchestrate digital mindset files in the present, but also be an important management tool for the future. Blockchain-based smart contracts have the unique and valuable property of being able to serve as your independent future advocate in uncertain, unknowable, and unpredictable future time frames. You can specify the desired goal in CA mobile app which will trigger CA central intelligence (mastermind) to advocate on your behalf in the future. In the case of digital mindset file uploads, smart contracts on the blockchain are exactly the kind of third-party advocate that can verify and exercise control over the physical parameters of your reality, of your existence as a digital intelligence.

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