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These days we are hearing a lot about AI, but have you ever heard about EDGE AI ..?

What does it mean and what is it used for?

No Clue…

let’s find out the answers in this article…

What is Edge?

Network edge or edge, where data resides and collected.

What is Edge computing?

Edge computing processes data on local places like computers, IoT devices or Edge servers, here we are doing computation to a network edge which indeed reduces long-distance communication between client and server.

So now, let us collaborate edge computing with AI to understand Edge AI

Edge AI, where AI algorithms will locally process sensor data or signals that are created on hardware devices in less than a few milliseconds by providing real-time information.

Most of the time the AI algorithms are being processed in cloud data centers with deep learning models, which consume heavy compute capacity.

In the market, there are many AI edge processing devices available in categories of applications.

The main job of these devices is to collect data and preprocess it before sending it off to a remote location for analysis.

Generally, IoT configurations consist of sensors, servers, cloud, and the internet as shown below.

But here in the image below, you can see the module where AI algorithms are processed locally when compared with conventional IoT configuration servers.

Pros of edge AI

From the above statements, we got to know about edge AI.

So let us see what are the benefits that edge AI is providing

1.Reduced Costs — cost is reduced for data communications, bandwidth.

2.Security- The processing of data in a few milliseconds, will decrease the risk of data getting tampered during transmission.

3. Good customer experiences — user experience drastically increased because of low latency and real-time responses.

Where Edge AI is used?

1. Autonomous mobility.

2. Drones and Robots.

3. Smart speakers.

4.Surveillance and monitoring purposes and lot more…

Here, we are teaching computers how to learn and new possibilities are being discovered indeed it is helping for growth, dependency, and demand for AI smart devices.